Rosa’s Café is one of the most requiring American genuine Tex-Mex fast-casual dining establishment chain situated in Ft Well worth, Texas, USA. Rosa’s coffee shop is renowned for supplying scrumptious Poultry as well as Beef Fajitas, Mexican Food, as well as a lot more. If you are searching for the most recent Rosa’s Coffee shop food selection costs after that you go to the ideal location, considering that we will certainly go over every little thing regarding the dining establishment today.

Amongst all type of meats, Beef has a different follower base amongst individuals. However beef is not a typical meat choice for lots of dining establishments. The variety of regular dining establishments is greater than those dining establishments which include beef products on their food selection. Rosa’s dining establishment food selection uses different sorts of beef products consisting of Beef Burrito Plate, Beef Fajita, Crispy Beef Taco, Fajita Salad Beef, Fajita Nachos Beef, Fajita Taco Plate Beef, and so on

Rosa’s Coffee shop food selection with costs uses different areas consisting of Supper, Fajitas, Burritos, Tostadas, Tacos, Salads, Nachos, Tamales, Household Foods, Morning Meal, Children’ Dish, Drinks, Desserts, as well as a lot more. The Rosa’s Coffee shop food selection as well as costs begin with $1.89 as well as rise to $39.99.

The short article will certainly supply you with all the accurate information pertaining to Rosa’s coffee shop beginning with Rosa’s Coffee shop food selection together with the costs as well as additionally the general public feedback in the direction of the dining establishment chain. We will certainly additionally supply the get in touch with information, essential web links, as well as all the various other details you wish to know regarding Rosa’s coffee shop.

Rosa's Cafe Menu
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Dinners Food selection Prices

Beef Burrito Plate$ 10.59
Taco Plate (Beef) $ 9.69
Taco Plate (Poultry) $ 9.69
Mexican Dinner$ 9.49
Cheese Enchilada Plate (2 Cheese Enchiladas) $ 9.19
Cheese Enchilada Plate (With Chili Disadvantage Carne) $ 9.59
Deluxe Mexican Plate$ 11.49
Poultry Fajita Plate$ 14.79
Fajita Carbon Plate (2 Poultry) $ 12.59
Fajita Carbon Plate (2 Beef) $ 13.99
Fajita Carbon Plate (1 Poultry, 1 Beef) $ 12.99
Beef Fajita Plate$ 16.99
Surrounded Burrito Dinner$ 8.49
Chile Verde Plate$ 10.69
Tamale Dinner$ 11.89
Poultry Enchilada Plate$ 9.59
Beef Enchilada Plate$ 9.59
Tres Amigo Dinner$ 10.69
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Individual Products (Fajitas) Food Selection Prices

Fajita (Beef) $ 5.59
Fajita (Poultry) $ 4.59
Fajita With Guacamole (Beef)) $ 5.89
Fajita With Guacamole (Poultry) $ 4.89
Fajita With Queso (Beef) $ 5.89
Fajita With Queso (Poultry) $ 4.89

Burritos Food Selection Prices

Beef Burrito$ 3.49
Bean And Also Cheese$ 2.19
Combination Burrito$ 3.19

Tostadas Food Selection Prices

Beef Or Chicken$ 4.19
Guacamole$ 4.19
Bean And Also Cheese$ 3.29
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Tacos Food Selection Prices

Crispy Beef Or Poultry Taco$ 3.09
Soft Beef Or Poultry Taco$ 3.49

Salads Food Selection Prices

Guacamole Salad$ 5.49
Taco Salad$ 6.49
Feast Salad Chicken$ 9.59
Feast Salad Beef$ 12.99
Feast Salad Combo$ 11.79
Fajita Salad Chicken$ 9.59
Fajita Salad Beef$ 12.99
Fajita Salad Combo$ 11.79
Nacho Salad$ 5.39

Nachos Food Selection Prices

Queso Nachos$ 3.69
Mix Nachos$ 6.49
Fajita Nachos Chicken$ 8.89
Fajita Nachos Beef$ 11.49
Fajita Nachos Combo$ 10.19
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Tamales Food Selection Prices

Tamale$ 3.59
TamalesThree Tamales$ 7.39
TamalesTwelve Tamales$ 16.99

Nachos, Chips & & Dips Food selection Prices

Queso4 oz.$ 3.19
Queso8 oz.$ 4.89
Queso16 oz.$ 7.49
Chips And Also SalsaReg.$ 3.89
Chips And Also SalsaLarge$ 5.19
Chips And Also QuesoReg.$ 4.99
Chips And Also QuesoLarge$ 7.49
Chips & & GuacamoleReg.$ 5.29
Chips & GuacamoleLarge$ 7.49
Queso Supreme$ 7.79

Household Cuisine Food Selection Prices

Party Trio$ 31.69
Chile Verde To Go$ 12.69
Spicy Pork Or Poultry Tamales$ 16.99
2 Lots Tamale Platter$ 39.99
Enchiladas To Go Beef$ 28.99
Enchiladas To Go Cheese$ 27.99
Enchiladas To Go Chicken$ 29.99
Taco Event Tray$ 25.69
Burritos To Go Bean$ 23.69
Burritos To Go Combo$ 31.99
Burritos To Go Beef$ 33.99
Nacho Tray$ 36.99
Fajita Taco Plate Beef$ 54.99
Fajita Taco Plate Chicken$ 43.99
Fajita Taco Plate Combo$ 47.99
Fajita Feast Beef$ 36.99
Fajita Feast Chicken$ 32.99
Fajita Feast Combo$ 34.99
Dual Meat
Fajita Feast Beef
$ 59.99
Dual Meat
Fajita Feast Chicken
$ 48.99
Dual Meat
Fajita Feast Combo
$ 53.99
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Rosa’s A La Carte To Go Food Selection Prices

Chili Disadvantage Queso22 oz. $12.39
Chili Disadvantage QuesoOne Pint$ 7.99
Chili Disadvantage Queso1/2 Pint$ 4.89
Chili Disadvantage Queso4 oz.$ 3.19
Guacamole22 oz.$ 14.99
GuacamoleOne Pint$ 10.69
Guacamole1/2 Pint$ 7.49
Guacamole4 oz.$ 4.19
Pico De Gallo22 oz.$ 5.69
Pico De GalloOne Pint$ 4.79
Salsa22 oz.$ 4.49
SalsaOne Pint$ 3.19
12 Fresh Flour Tortillas$ 3.99
Picadillo Taco Meat22 oz.$ 15.99
Picadillo Taco MeatOne Pint$ 10.19
Mexican RiceOne Pint$ 3.79
Beans Refried Or BlackOne Pint$ 3.79
Delicious Chocolate Or Carrot Cake1 Whole Cake$ 28.99
Fresh Made Tea1 Gallon$ 5.99

Youngster’s Dishes Food selection Prices

Bean & Cheese Burrito$ 5.19
Taco$ 5.19
Youngster’s Enchilada$ 5.19
Youngster’s Nacho$ 5.19
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Breakfast Tacos & Tamales Food Selection Prices

Chorizo & Bean Taco$ 2.19
Chorizo & Egg Taco$ 3.19
Pork & Egg Taco$ 3.19
Bacon & Egg Taco$ 3.19
Sausage & Egg Taco$ 3.19
Steak & Fajita & Eg Taco$ 4.89
Potato & Egg Taco$ 3.19
Migas Taco$ 3.19
Chile Verde Taco$ 3.89
Ultimate Morning Meal Taco$ 3.89
Morning Meal Taco Platter$ 33.49
Tamales( 1) $ 3.59
Tamales( 3) $ 7.39

Morning Meal Bowls Food Selection Prices

Egg & Potato Bowl$ 4.89
Huevos Rancheros Bowl & $4.89
Steak Fajita & Egg Bowl$ 6.99
Migas Bowl$ 4.89
Ultimate Bowl$ 4.89
Chorizo & Egg Bowl$ 4.89
Sausage & Egg Bowl$ 4.89
& Bacon & Egg Bowl$ 4.89
Pork & & Egg Bowl$ 4.89
Chile & Verde Bowl$ 6.49
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Breakfast Plates Food Selection Prices

Migas Plate$ 5.69
Egg & Potato Plate$ 5.69
Steak Fajita & Egg Plate$ 8.99
Huevos Rancheros Plate$ 5.69
Ultimate Plate$ 5.69
Chorizo & Egg Plate$ 5.69
Sausage & Egg Plate$ 5.69
Bacon & & Egg Plate$ 5.69
Pork & Egg Plate$ 5.69
Chile & Verde Plate$ 7.49

Drinks & Desserts Food Selection Prices

Tea And Also Soft DrinksReg.$ 2.69
Tea And Also Soft DrinksLarge$ 2.89
Orange Juice$ 2.99
Milk $2.99
Coffee$ 1.09
Gallon Of Tea$ 5.99
Icy Margarita$ 5.49
Beer$ 4.99
Bottled Water$ 2.29
Delicious Chocolate CakePiece$ 4.39
Delicious Chocolate CakeWhole$ 28.99
Carrot CakePiece$ 4.39
Carrot CakeWhole$ 28.99
SopapillasSmall$ 2.19
SopapillasLarge$ 2.69

Background of Rosa’s Cafe

Rosa's Cafe Menu And Prices
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Rosa’s coffee shop is presently a popular dining establishment as well as it is gradually developing with every passing day. The trip started a long period of time back in San Angelo, Texas as well as the year was 1983. The brand name was brought by Bobby D. Cox in 1995 as well as it was offering in 5 areas at the time. It is presently running around 50 independent dining establishments all throughout Texas. Rosa Coffee shop’s food selection is additionally liked by every person.

The items in Rosa’s dining establishment food selection include a great deal of beef as well as poultry fajitas that are marinaded as well as barbequed. The food selection additionally has various other scrumptious products like tacos, Mexican supper plates, burritos, tortillas, sopapillas, as well as extra. There is a different salsa bar where you can discover the very best pico de gallo as well as salsas that are made with different flavorings as well as it can quickly arrive area on the listing of your preferred dishes. Rosa coffee shop’s food selection as well as costs additionally have sour lotion poultry enchiladas, taco salads, tostadas, as well as extra.

Rosa’s dining establishment food selection has every little thing that you will normally discover in a typical Mexican food dining establishment as well as it is additionally one-of-a-kind in regards to its interior decoration which is taken into consideration to be the very best of all. On the whole, if a person is strolling in, she or he can stay ensured that they will certainly reach consume the very best, most scrumptious, as well as healthy and balanced food.

Testimonial of Rosa’s Cafe

Rosa's Cafe Menu With Pictures
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Under the dish area, Rosa’s coffee shop food selection uses Morning meal, Lunch, as well as Supper, as well as aside from that the dining establishment additionally includes a few other necessary centers like Takeout, Seats, Mobility Device Accessible, as well as Drive Via. If a person searching for a best dining establishment to have some family members time after that Rosa’s coffee shop is a great choice for them.

Consumers have actually shared their individual experiences on Rosa’s Coffee shop through some websites as well as according to them, Rosa’s coffee shop is a really hectic location however they flawlessly manage their clients. The clients have additionally applauded the food they obtained according to what they bought from Rosa’s dining establishment food selection.

Nevertheless, a couple of clients have not discovered the location nice and also based on their viewpoint, Rosa’s coffee shop is a really vivid dining establishment however when it involves the food it is dull as well as unappetizing.

Just how to Order Online from Rosa’s Coffee shop Food selection in Couple Of Actions?

Rosa's Cafe Order Online
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If you wish to buy from Rosa’s Coffee shop after that you can do that via lots of food distribution food solutions like Grubhub, Doordash, Ubereats, and so on. Listed below I will certainly reveal you some actions on exactly how you can buy online from Rosa’s food selection without tipping outdoors.

You can additionally examine the most recent Rosa’s food selection with costs based upon your picked place if you do not wish to buy anything as the costs might differ from place to place.

  1. First, head over to Doordash as well as select your place.
  2. After choosing the place, the most recent Rosas Coffee shop food selection costs of that certain place will certainly be presented( below you can simply examine the Rosa’s Coffee shop food selection as well as costs if you do not wish to buy anything).
  3. Currently, choose all the food products that you wish to buy from Rosa’s coffee shop food selection as well as include them to your cart if you wish to appreciate their scrumptious food in the house.
  4. In the following action, most likely to check out as well as check in to your account if you have one. If you do not have an account at Doordash, do not stress, you can produce a brand-new one at the time of check out.
  5. After effectively checking in, fill out your get in touch with information, delivering information, as well as repayment technique as well as verify your order.
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Rosa’s Coffee shop Call Info

Rosa’s Coffee shop Corporate Workplace AddressBobby Cox Business 5000 Overton Plaza Collection 300 Ft Well Worth, Texas 76109
Rosa’s Coffee shop Corporate Workplace Phone Number8173776200
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Rosa’s coffee shop is a renowned dining establishment for offering scrumptious beef products. The dining establishment chain was initial developed in 1983, as well as currently they are running greater than 51 electrical outlets in various areas.

There are lots of constraints troubled beef in different nations once they are gotten rid of, Rosa’s coffee shop can be increasing even more as well as this will certainly additionally make Rosa’s dining establishment food selection prominent. Checking out the suitable comments Rosa’s coffee shop obtained from the general public, we can certainly anticipate it to come to be a huge franchise business in the approaching days.

So what did you like one of the most from the above offered Rosa’s Coffee shop food selection with costs? You can share your ideas pertaining to Rosa’s coffee shop in the remark area. listed below.

Regularly Asked Concerns Associated with Rosa’s Coffee shop (Frequently asked questions )

How a lot does Rosa’s coffee shop pay?

According to, Roja coffee shop pays roughly$ 9.25 per hr for cashiers/sales to$ 15.43 per hr for supervisors in training in the USA. Nevertheless, it might differ from place to place.

That has Rosa’s coffee shop?

The Bobby Cox Companies has the dining establishment chain.

In which year has Rosa’s coffee shop began the trip?

In 1983, Rosa’s coffee shop has begun the trip.

What is the yearly income of Rosa’s coffee shop?

The yearly income of Rosa’s coffee shop is approximated to be about$ 26.1 million.

Where is the head office of Rosa’s coffee shop situated?

The major head office of Rosa’s coffee shop lie at 18629 Hwy 3235, Galliano, Louisiana, 70354, USA.

Just how much is a loads tortillas at Rosas?

The price of a loads tortillas at Rosas is $3.99.

Just how much is taco Tuesday at Rosas?

You can appreciate taco Tuesday at $5.99.

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