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How are we so different to other softwares such as AHREFS or SEMRUSH? Firstly, we are a lot cheaper, instead of subscribing to a monthly membership, we offer a FREE keyword search SEO Difficulty, if you want to buy more, you can get more here.

Checking keyword difficulty – How are we so diffferent?

  • In our in-house software tool, our Keyword Research, we will Check Difficulty Of Selected Keywords
  • The tool will then perform the ‘intitle search operator’. It will go to Google with each of the keywords and do this search intitle: “content generation ai”.

So, if there is a very low amount of websites with the keywords in their title, then the chances are the keyword is going to be easy to rank for.

Thus, simply writing an article in your website and also potentially posting a video on Youtube will allow you to easily rank in Google and therefore increase traffic! If you are looking for SEO content writing, please do not hesitate to contact us and one of our writers will happily write an article with that forementioned keyword as focus!

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