You’re anticipating (or have sent out) a distribution using Aramex and also have obtained a “Shipment Still not Obtained by Aramex” standing upgrade.

What does this mean specifically? Where is your plan when you see this sharp and also exists anything you require to do

Let’s have a look …

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Summary: Delivery Still not Obtained by Aramex– Meaning

This upgrade implies that Aramex has actually not yet obtained the plan from the sender. Basically, the sender has actually produced an order with Aramex and also created a delivery tag yet the thing has actually not been literally turned over to Aramex.

Delivery Still not Obtained by Aramex– Guide

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This is a fairly obvious standing alert from Aramex.

Most providers have comparable updates to define the truth that a delivery order has been made, (and also a monitoring number designated), yet the physical plan has yet to get in the particular shipment network.

The “Delivery Still not Obtained by Aramex” varies a little because it is set off if there is a small hold-up in the plan being turned over to Aramex.

Fundamentally, it is a suggestion to the sender to make speed-up plans for the plan to be turned over to Aramex.

It is likewise to inform the recipient that physical progression within the shipment network has yet to start.

What to do if You Get a “Delivery Still not Obtained by Aramex” Alert?

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The Recipient

If you are the recipient, this upgrade can be annoying to see.

It indicates that the sender is dragging their heels and also still has the plan with them.

You have 2 alternatives below … either quickly call the sender to see what the hold-up is, or enable a longer time for them to turn over the plan to Aramex.

The Sender

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If you are the sender and also you are running a hectic eCommerce shop, there can be a variety of reasons there has actually been a hold-up in obtaining the order throughout to Aramex.

If you see this upgrade and also there have actually been ineffectiveness on your (or your companies’) component, you will certainly require to fix this.

You require to make fast plans to obtain the plan to Aramex.

Once you have actually done this, the plan will certainly obtain its very first physical check by the provider and also the shipment procedure will certainly start.

Yet Aramex Does Have the Plan!


So what takes place if the “Delivery Still not Obtained by Aramex” upgrade is set off and also you as the sender (or the sender has firmly insisted to you as the recipient), that plan remains in truth with Aramex?

First, this is really usual and also a brand-new upgrade need to change this soon.

Generally, it is greater than feasible for Aramex to have the plan and also for the very first physical check to have actually not occurred yet.

The sender might have used a drop box for instance.

Up until Aramex grabs the plan and also it gets to the very first center, the “Delivery Still not Obtained by Aramex” alert can stay.

The very same uses if an Aramex motorist gathers the thing and also does not check it quickly.

Only as soon as the plan goes into the shipment network at the Aramex center will certainly a brand-new upgrade be set off.

To put it simply, there is frequently a dead time that can total up to as long as 24hrs (relying on stockpile at the center); where Aramex has the plan yet the data source does not yet recognize it since the very first physical check has yet to happen.

Monitoring Stuck on “Delivery Still not Obtained by Aramex”

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If this upgrade does remain for greater than 2 or 3 days, and also the sender has actually most definitely handed the plan to Aramex, the problem is with the provider.

The plan might have obtained misplaced inside the collection automobile, or may still remain in a dropbox.

It can likewise be postponed inside the center.

Whatever the factor, Aramex does have it, yet progression has actually been stopped.

In these situations, either the sender or the recipient needs to contact Aramex customer care to learn even more.

Last Words

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If you see the “Delivery Still not Obtained by Aramex” sharp there has actually been a hold-up in the physical plan going into the shipment network.

Either the sender still has it, or it has actually been handed to Aramex which provider has yet to check it.

If the previous is not the instance, I advise that you wait 2 or 3 days for Aramex to check the thing. This would certainly show that progression is being made.

You need to contact Aramex for more details if no brand-new updates are set off hereafter time.

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