Is an application letter containing around 100 words a good representation of the dream job? What is the short answer? Yes, it is. There is no longer a need for a lengthy cover letter in order to impress the recruiters. You could try this instead of writing a short cover letter. What you should include in your cover letter should be around 300 to 400 words. Why do you hesitate to use the time you need to compose a cover letter to become a novel, when you can still make your cover letter short and sweet?

How do you compress your work history into a small text file? You can follow the experts to get inspired and learn how to write a short cover letter using the cover letter template that we have provided and the expert tips below.

You might want to write a general cover letter. See the complete guide on writing a perfect cover letter.

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Here are some tips on writing a short and strong cover letter.

Simple to write a short cover letter for your new job. The only secret is to be certain you put the message clearly and concisely. By creating a short cover letter, you can avoid using buzzwords in your cover letter, and you can minimize the meaningless long sentences. It is imperative that the hiring manager does not lose attention from your cover letter, even for a second. It is worth knowing some short cover letter tips. Use the tips provided below and create a short cover letter that you will enjoy reading.

Here is our first advice – Never use buzz words.

Sometimes candidates include buzzwords on their cover letters, something that is not necessary for them to do. They get no work if they use buzzwords like self-motivated, results-oriented, and kickstarter. It is possible to use buzzwords to lengthen your documents. If you want to explore the list of common buzzwords used in different jobs and categories, read now, Resume Buzzwords and Clichés to avoid and include

Tip #02 – Be sure to mention only the relevant skills and experience.

When you have many years of experience and skills, you do not need to list all of them in your cover letter. Do not mention any other skills or work experience when writing your cover letter. You can select the skills needed from the job posting, and add them to your document. It will surely reduce the length of your document.

Tip #03 – Do not elaborate on your company knowledge.

When you write a cover letter, you should show that your company knows something. It is important to the recruiter that you have investigated the company before applying for that position. It is better not to write letters. Your goal is to shorten the cover letter.

Tip #4 – It is better to use short phrases than to use longer phrases.

Why cut off part of your cover letter, when you can still use the snappy words to shorten it? When you have finished writing your cover letter, it will be better if someone else reads it. Be sure to note down whether the phrases are longer or not. If any exist, you are welcome to replace that short word with a short and snappy word.

Below are some examples to help you understand how to concisely express complicated words.

Don’t use wordy terms.

  • In order to
  • For each and every
  • Given the fact that
  • A huge number of
  • Enclosed herewith
  • Exactly the same
  • Personally, I think/feel
  • With regard to
  • In order that

Other alternative words that are snappy.

  • To
  • For every
  • Because
  • Many
  • Enclosed
  • The same
  • I think/feel
  • Regarding/about
  • So

Short Cover Letter Example #2 (text version)

Dennis Harrison,
Granite City,
IL, 62040.

Margaret Huddleston,
Konnector LLC,
IL, 60641.

Dear Margaret, I might have something that you might want.

I am an enthusiastic and passionate digital marketer. I am attaching a resume that shows how much experience I have gained from my five years of experience as a Digital Marketing Executive. There, I learned SEO, Social Media Marketing, PPC, etc. Organic traffic for the Ranmore Hotel chain has increased by 75%. Through the social media campaign, Ranmore Hotel chain has also been able to increase their annual revenue by 45%. These accomplishments have allowed me to be considered the perfect candidate for your company’s Digital Marketing Specialist position.

Can you contact me at 773-908-1234 or by email at I am looking forward to hearing from you. I appreciate you being considerate.


Dennis Harrison is the chairman of the Board of Directors.

It is true that even if this letter is short, we can see that the applicant is able to communicate effectively about his experiences, skills, and accomplishments. For a potential hiring manager, that is certainly a good document.

A short cover letter template.

Feel free to copy the below text and paste it into your job application. Fill the blanks and adjust the document according to your own details and relevant information.

My name is ‘your’.
[phone number]
[email address]

[hiring manager’s name]
[company name]

My dear, my name is…

I have seen that there is a vacant position for a [company name] and I would really like to apply for that position with a keen interest. Since I am four and a half years old, I am confident that I have enough experience to perform above expectations.

I was able to complete the following things during my work at [previous work place name].

  • [achievement #1]
  • [achievement #2]
  • [achievement #3]

If you are inclined to think I am the right person to hire, feel free to reach me via phone at [phone number], or via email at [email address]. I sincerely thank you for your valuable time and attention.


My name is ‘your’.

What is the importance of short cover letters?

What happens if you have been reading this text for a very long time? You are very unlikely to become bored in a short period of time. That is what will happen to hiring managers, or recruiting managers who look at lengthy cover letters, as if they are reading novels. Not only do people not have time to read all types of cover letters.

You should send a short cover letter with your resume. Short cover letters will make the work of recruiters easier. Be sure to delete as much of the irrelevant content from your cover letter as possible. You need to describe the selling points of your job and your passion for working at this company in a very short and sweet paragraph. You are on the right path to landing the job that you dream of.

Take the situation that you are the hiring manager for a company and you are the one to review all of the applicants’ cover letters. You will read thousands of cover letters in one day. Would you completely ignore the long cover letters? No, that is not it. What if someone sends us a brief, but impressive cover letter? When they are put in the big pile, we will be happy to see those kinds of cover letters, and we will probably pay more attention to them. We are going to put them on the short list.

What science has proven is that it is psychologically more effective to read short cover letters than reading long letters? Now you can see that short cover letters are very important.

You know how to write a short cover letter. You may be asked to write a variety of cover letters when you are applying for employment. See our cover letter examples. to learn more about how to create a specific cover letter for your targeted job.