Just just how huge is the present web3 B2B SaaS overall addressable market (TAM)?


In the last 6 months, 103 web3 firms produced profits on-chain, the tiniest of which videotaped a couple of hundred bucks of sales & & the biggest, Ethereum, tallied$ 401m.

44% of these firms generated much less than $0.5 m. Yet an incipient mid-market does exist: 41 firms generated in between $5-25m.

Total Earnings, $M771
% of Earnings invested in Software30%
Implied Web3 Software Application TAM, $M231
Implied Web3 Software application TAM (omitting Ethereum), $M75

The typical software application firm runs at around 70% gross margin, so allow’s presume a web3 firm is comparable. To streamline, we’ll presume the normal web3 firm invests every one of that expense of items marketed (GEARS) on software application – concerning 30% of profits [1].

That indicates the web3 B2B software application TAM is approximately $231m in 2022 & &$ 75m omitting Ethereum, which makes up approximately 60% of the profits.

Web3 software application sales have to likewise browse unique purchase procedures with decentralized decision-making, repayment for solutions in kind with symbols, & & various approvals versions for customers.

At a 10x profits several, web3 software application ought to sustain concerning $0.75 b to $2.3 b in start-up market cap. Relying on your sight on web3 profits development, a 10x several may be high or reduced.


The restricted variety of prospective consumers tests web3 suppliers. With less than 100 accounts ready to invest $20-50k on a software program agreement, every communication is valuable, particularly those bigger accounts which control profits.

To contrast with web2, Salesforce counts 150k customers in a market of about 650k who spend $57b annually. This is simply the web2 CRM market.

While feasible to construct a company marketing solely to web3 firms, the larger market today is offering web3 modern technologies to web2 firms. Solutions in pc gaming, advertising, & & monetary solutions where decentralized data sources or digital budgets resolve a core organization require.

  1. This is a harsh quote. A lot of software application firms likewise consist of consumer success in gears. Totally assigning all gears to software application is hostile. On the various other hand, the software application acquired by Sales & & Advertising And Marketing as well as Research Study & & Growth groups isn’t consisted of because line thing. So, this ought to be a practical hunch.

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