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Boost Your Sales With Our High-Performing Video Ads 


This is a huge opportunity for you. Everyone is:

  • Paying more and more for ads (while getting LESS traffic).
  • Getting lower engagement than ever before (driving up ad costs even more).
  • Struggling to make ads profitable.
  • Fighting for the SAME ad space, with the SAME type of ads.

The good news? With one TINY change, you can be taking over with videos that sell your products for you! Our video ad templates not only capture attention unlike ANYTHING else on the market, they sell more of your product or service by showcasing it inside that very same video.

Target your exact audience with Facebook & Instagram Ads using your new Cuboid Clips video and watch as you out-perform your competition in every way imaginable.


The gold-standard of engagement, used by Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, YouTube, Skype and more… According to Mark Zuckerberg, stories are on track to overtake posts in the Feed as the most common way that people share across all social apps. On Facebook and Instagram, 500 million people open stories DAILY. So, why not use these videos as stories, too? The more attention you get, the better!

Simply download your video after creating it, and upload it as a story to your social accounts!

Let’s take the ‘DONUTZ’ brand for example.

Here they’re promoting their ‘WEEKLY FLAVOUR’ to draw in customers to their stores.

Topped off with our popular donut animation!


Email marketing, the communication channel that has stood the test of time. Once you have a prospects email address, you can reach out to them any time, any day, forever. Promote new products, deals, deliver content and more. Simply go to a website that allows you to create GIFs, such as, and click ‘Upload Video’. Select your video you created inside of Cuboid Clips.Once it’s finished uploading, simply click ‘Generate GIF’ and it’ll automatically convert your promo video into a GIF that you can insert into your emails!

Alternatively, simply attach the video as an attachment to your email (they’re small enough to do so).

Let’s take a look at the “EOD Podcast”, sending their email list an email broadcast letting them know their new episode is now live and available to stream and download!


Chatbots, the new kid on the block!

Facebook Messenger, website chatbots, WhatsApp bots, SMS bots…They’re used by businesses to automate marketing, customer support and sales.

Let’s take Facebook Messenger for example… It’s used by 1.3 billion people every day.

So it only makes sense that our videos should work within this new communication channel, right?

Good news, they do!

Here we have a business that unboxes and reviews products and earns an affiliate commission on every sale he refers.

As you can see on the right, his Cuboid Clips video plays seamlessly inside of his Messenger chatbot.

How about text messages?

As you’ll see on the left, Tomorrow Festival is promoting ticket sales for their live event inside of text messages.


A very powerful tool for brands is being able to leverage the influence that others have with their audience.

Are people more likely to buy/associate with something recommended by a complete stranger, or by someone they know?

Or to re-frame that, would you be more likely to purchase something if it was recommended by your best friend or the guy you bump into in the elevator every now and then?

We believe influencer marketing is the PERFECT combination with Cuboid Clips videos.Create your video, and get other influencers to post it for you.

Why? Well let’s take “designPanda” for example. Let’s say they approach a large influencer in the design space and asks them to post this on their Instagram page.

  • It does the job of ‘popping’ out to ANY audience it’s shown to.
  • It’s entertaining and secures an explosion of engagement.
  • It still contains the marketing message of the brand (unlimited designs for a flat fee)
  • It has the brands website in the post description
  • It’s a win-win for all parties (influencer gets paid, and designPanda gets new customers)

It’s the perfect storm of engagement, leveraging influence and an impressive marketing message.


As eCommerce continues to boom, more and more online store owners are looking for a way to rise above their competitors.

How do you get more attention (…and customers)?

Cuboid Clips can help!

Let your audience know about new product lines, or exclusive drops like you see above!

Showcase coupons and discount codes in your videos to profit from the increased engagement that these videos get on social media!