We have created FPTtraffic, and since we started it, we have worked hard to make it the best social media marketing tool on the internet. With FPTraffic Pro, we have added all the features and benefits necessary to do just that!

Not every single member of our community needs all the features that are available with the upgraded version of Fptraffic, so we decided to make it a separate membership (Fptraffic Pro).

Below you will find out all the extra features that you are entitled to when you become a Facebook Pro member, and how it can help you take your social media marketing to the next level.

Fptraffic Pro is a powerful program.

There are five main features that are included in our FPTtraffic Pro membership. The goal of each feature is to provide Pro members with more analytics and automation.

Bar that is reachable and top posts.

On FPTtraffic Pro, we track every single post that you post to your FPTtraffic account. We will gather the data that is available for each post, and then use that data to help you make better decisions about what to post.

One cool way of doing that is by providing you a report of your top posts.

FPTraffic Top Posts

Pro members will see our Reach Bar on the posts we’ve collected analytics for on their account. When the bar is green, it means that the post has gone viral. Under scheduled posts, you can see all the most viral posts that you made, and you can search for specific dates to find out which posts were the best ones for you.

We also display all the recent posts that have gone viral right at the top of your dashboard, so you never miss them!

viral posts on dashboard

We will monitor any posts that you post through our content finder, and we will display the average reach of the searches that you are performing there.

fptraffic content finder post reach

If you do that, it will be easier for you to find new content, similar to the content that you posted previously that performed well.

So, some suggestions about content.

You can track how many people view your posts and how many people search for content on the content finder. So we can also recommend new content for you.

Our Content Suggestion tool shows FPTraffic Pro users that content!

FPTraffic content suggestions

Once you use the Content Finder a few times, you should start seeing suggestions right away 👍

Analysis of the post-game schedule.

It is just as important that you know when to post your content. You can drastically increase the reach and engagement on your content by posting during the hours when your audience is most likely to see it.

It is possible to use FPtraffic to accomplish that. Check out our analysis of your posting schedule to see how many people you reach for every hour that you post to your profiles.

FPTraffic Analysis of the post-game schedule.

In the analysis above, you can see that this profile is probably better at 10:00am and 8:00am. Maybe they should make a few more posts each hour, in order to see which one is actually better.

With FPTraffic Pro, we can help you create a better post schedule 📈

Recyclable material for automatic recycling.

People have requested that you recycle old content. That is one of the features that we added to Fptraffic many years ago. One of the most requested features was the ability to automatically recycle content. It is our desire that all our members will be able to do this, so that they will never have to worry about not having any content to post on their profiles.

Well, automatic recycling is not something that we were able to do during our normal membership, but it was one of the first things we added to our website when we bought fptraffic pro.

Within your profile settings, you can set the low or no content option to automatically recycle your 25 oldest posts.

A system to automatically recycle ensures that you are posting your articles as consistently as possible.

Post Actions are a really unique FPTraffic feature. By using post actions, you can add “actions” to your posts from other profiles.