The Tata Skies Mistake 14 is an usual mistake that can happen when filling up your Tata Skies box, as well as it can be really frustrating if you’re eager to enjoy your favored programs.

Mistake 14 is a pairing mistake that can frequently happen when your Tata Skies account has actually lately been reenergized after an extended period useless. This can create package to enter into a kind of deactivation setting. To repair this problem, wait a minimum of thirty minutes to see if the mistake message goes away on its own. If typical working does not return to, we suggest returning your Digi Card as well as resetting your Tata Skies box.

Continue analysis for a complete overview on just how to repair Mistake 14 on Tata Skies as well as return to typical watching in no time at all in all.

Reinsert Digi Card

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Providing you have actually awaited the advised 30-minute delay when Mistake 14 shows up, attempt eliminating your Digi Card from your Tata Skies box as well as returning it. It’s most likely that dust/dirt has actually accumulated on your Digi Card as well as this is what’s triggering Mistake 14 to happen.

See to it that you turn off your Tata Skies box prior to trying this, as eliminating the Digi Card while package is still working can create various other mistakes. When your box is turned off, get rid of the Digi Card, as well as tidy it of any kind of dirt utilizing a completely dry towel.

Reinsert the Digi Card as well as change your Tata Skies box back on. You must discover that Mistake 14 has actually been settled as well as you can utilize your box as typical.

Ensure Tata Skies Account is Recharged

It might be that you have not reenergized your Tata Skies account, as well as this is the reason that Mistake 14 is showing up.

To reenergize your account online, you can visit to your Tata Skies account/mobile application as well as recharge through the Quick Recharge web page.

Conversely, you can utilize a digital top-up application such as Paytm. To do this, comply with the listed below directions:

  1. Download and install as well as open up the Paytm Mobile App
  2. Navigate to Recharge as well as Costs Payments
  3. Select DTH Recharge
  4. Choose Tata Sky
  5. Type in your signed up mobile number/subscriber ID
  6. Enter the quantity you want to recharge
  7. Select Proceed To Recharge
  8. Choose your settlement method
  9. Complete transaction

Now that your Tata Skies account has actually been completely billed, you must have the ability to return to enjoying your favored networks with no more problems.

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Refresh Tata Skies Set-Top Box

It might be that your Tata Skies Set-Top box requires to be revitalized if you’re attempting to pack Tata Skies after an extended period of unuse.

When guaranteeing your Tata Skies account has actually been reenergized, comply with the below directions to rejuvenate the set-top box:

  1. Activate the set-top box
  2. Call the complying with number from the contact number signed up on your account as well as leave a missed out on telephone call: 9040590405
  3. Leave the set-top box on for a minimum of 30 minutes
  4. The mistake message must disappear

Following the above directions must repair the mistake message as well as permit you to search typical networks.

Reboot Tata Skies Box

If none of the above options have actually repaired Mistake 14, we suggest resetting your Tata Skies Box. You’ll require to disconnect your tata skies box from the wall surface as well as additionally separate the HDMI cable television to your tv.

Wait a minimum of a number of mins prior to resetting the link as well as connecting the HDMI cable television back right into your television. Attempt filling up your Tata Skies box as well as if Mistake 14 does not show up this has actually been repaired by resetting your Tata Skies box. A tough reset can frequently fix several problems with television boxes such as tv boxes losing sound or various other working troubles.

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Call Tata Skies Directly

There might be a particular mistake with Tata Skies which is why you’re experiencing problems with Mistake 14.

Tata Skies is conveniently contactable through a number of opportunities, the simplest is possibly the support page through their web site. This web page uses several options to various mistake codes together with their Digital Assistance Aide, which can aid you with any kind of problems you might have.

You can additionally speak to Tata Skies through their assistance number 1800 208 6633 or email them at [email protected]. They are contactable through their Facebook Carrier conversation solution as well.


We hope after reviewing this overview you have actually had the ability to deal with mistake 14 when utilizing Tata Skies.

Usually, this mistake takes place when reenergizing your Tata Skies account after a considerable time period where it hasn’t been utilized, however can normally be repaired by cleansing the Digi Card or getting in touch with Tata Skies straight.

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