Whatever your purpose, you can send a free ecard that is a humorous birthday card, a heartfelt anniversary wish, or for any other occasion that you would like to express yourself. Sending a free electronic letter will brighten someones day.

Have you ever wanted to send a birthday greeting card or a romantic Valentines Day message to someone who loves you but you did not have time or the money to do it? It makes so much sense to send free ecards to all different people without leaving your home.

I have created a list of free and high quality ecards for you to use, perfect for every occasion. From St. Joseph’s St. Patricks Day, Easter, Valentines Day, and all other holidays on a calendar that many of us may never even know about. There is something for everyone here.

No matter your event or age, there will be a free ecard for you. This list of websites that offer free ecards is full of great birthday cards for your children, sympathy cards for a loved one, and thank you cards for a coworker. That list has everything you need.

Our website contains only the best free ecards. It is astounding how many people who are not free will continue to claim to be blue mountain, hallmark, and many other people. Do not waste your time there. All of this list is filled with free eCards.

Sending free ecards can be a very effective way to say ‘Happy Birthday’ to someone or a family member.  Actually, it can be a very good way to get someone who knows you to feel better.

We are proud to say that our free ecard list covers so many winter holidays. In cultures around the world, they range from Christmas Day to the celebration of the Winter Solstice.

Below is a list of websites that will allow you to receive free ecards. These sites are for Kwanzaa, Las Posadas, Diwali, Chinese New Year, and St. Patrick’s Day. I know, it was Lucia’s Day, and St. Nicholas Day, Mardi Gras, and many other events that are worth attending.

Here is a list of the best free ecards for all occasions.

Birthday cards, anniversary cards, Christmas cards, Valentine’s day cards, graduation cards, Halloween cards, Easter cards, St Patrick’s Day cards, Hanukkah cards, etc. We will make sure that you find appropriate free cards for it in our list.

123 Greetings

You will find all the cards that you might need on 123greetings.com.  

You don’t need to spend a lot to send greeting cards. Simply download and print one from www.123greetings.com. Free printable birthday cards, holiday cards, valentines day cards, ecards, and more!

You do not even need to sign up. Simply choose a colorful, fun card for your friend, add your message and a friend’s email address, and hit send. Do not be concerned as you could spend hours looking at all the free ecards that they offer.

Hello, from the island.

Greeting Island is probably the best place to locate free ecards that you can customize by adding your own pictures and text, and free to send to anyone online.

E cards are sent to a total of more than 5 million. Some of them include birthday cards, get well cards, valentines day cards, and thank you cards. You can create your own ecards. You can personalize the messages that you send to your friends and send them to your family and friends.

Greetings Island is probably the best site to create your own cards for free. However, they do have a premium membership which is affordable, but it also has access to some very nice cards. This is ideal for businesses. It is very easy to send thank you notes and has a nice interface.


Kisseo.com promises that you will find the perfect free cards for any occasion, such as birthdays, anniversarys, Christmas wishes, graduation wishes, or even just because it is Tuesday. They also have a greeting card that you can send to someone for any holiday, celebration, event or occasion. It is possible that you will be able to find the perfect card for your loved ones.

Ojolie Cards is known for being very nice.

You can send free ecards to your loved ones on Ojolie cards. The ecards that you create are all customizable, so that you can say whatever you want. It is also very easy to send them. It is possible to send a greeting card to your loved ones in just a matter of seconds. The best part is the cards are absolutely free and their customers create beautiful, unique artwork.


As the largest selection of free ecards on the internet, with thousands of images and hundreds of free ecard categories, crosscards is one of the best sites online.

They promise that you will find the perfect free cards for any occasion whether it is a birthday wish, a wedding anniversary, a Valentine’s day message, a graduation message, or something else. If it is a Tuesday, then it is appropriate.

They also have a greeting card that you can send to someone for any holiday, celebration, event or occasion. You can be confident that you’re purchasing the right gift for your family and friends.

Open my mouth.

However, it is not always possible to attend every holiday and each special occasion. Do you think online greeting cards can be sent to your loved ones? That is a good way to let them know that you are thinking about them.

Take a break from the daily grind, and let these free ecards help you think, without worrying about being thousands of miles away.

The list covers everything from humorous animated cards to heartfelt anniversary wishes, and there is something for everyone on this list. Another option is a personalized message or photo.

If you’re sending a birthday wish, don’t forget to check out our huge list of free birthday stuff you can get to celebrate that special day.


If you have ever wanted to send someone a message online, you have probably seen some ecards that you can download. You can customize the cards and send them to your friends and relatives. What makes a unique way to send a message?  Online greeting cards are available in many styles and formats.  There are several types of cards that you can choose from. You can give a birthday card to your friends and family, or a get well card to those who do not have any friends or family.

Doozy Cards are just that.

Doozy Cards is a free website that provides ecards to you. Here you can find unique, funny, colorful, and artistic ecards to send to your friends and family. Doozy cards feature traditional as well as animated cards that change from one image to another.  You have many options to choose from, even those that are funny. You will find the perfect card for you.


When you need to send a greeting card to someone you care about, but you do not have the time or the money to go to a store to purchase one? On average, you might search for free ecards and hope that you will find something decent.  Many free greeting cards are available from websites that are either unattractive or riddled with ads.  E-Cards are different; it offers tons of high-quality images and animated cards, all organized into easy-to-browse categories.  You can choose the ones that are most suitable for you and send them to you immediately without paying a cent.


Do you need a unique way to express your feelings or send a special message to someone? Birthdays, weddings, anniversaryes, get well soon, cheers, a new baby, holidays, etc. My list of occasions to send cards is unlimited. Imagine receiving a physical card or an electronic card with a personal message or an image that makes you smile. Emails are a great way to tell someone your opinion, regardless of whether or not you are 12 or 102 years old. It is a great way to let people know how you feel, without having to spend a lot of money or find the right card.

The World Wildlife Fund is a very important animal protection organization.

The World Wildlife Fund is one of the largest and most famous organizations that work to conserve and preserve wildlife. They are famous for their cute, black and white pandas, and their slogan, Save the Planet. Animals need you, and that is what you can see on their website, on the inside of their greeting cards and in television and radio ads.

However, it must be acknowledged that WWF is a global organization, however, its E Cards provide imaginative and animal themed cards. The place is strange, people do not often find free greeting cards, but the staff and workers use these to promote amazing work in sex and animals. If you know someone who likes animals, don’t hesitate to visit WFF and ask for a free ecard.


When it comes to free ecards, I have discovered that Canva is my personal go to.

Here is the reason why I love your website.

It is easy to download and print one of their free eCard templates, to personalize your own gifts. That will help you be very personally connected with the person that you love. You can easily use Canva’s dozens of free and amazing templates to create that extra special message. I love it.

If you have a color printer you can print your ecard.

Although you search through hundreds of free online greeting card sites, sometimes you do not find the perfect card. That is why we created free ecards so you have something new to design, great writing, and many choices. I have not needed fancy software, confusing templates, and endless searching. Designing and sending free ecards is simple. You can create the ecards from anywhere and then send them in one step.

These are free E cards that you are able to use without the need to sign up.

Some of the websites listed above require you to set up an account to send free ecards. That is fine. A few of those cards let you save your work and add some of your favorite cards to a list. Some people can be annoying, but they do send you emails to join their paid service. Below is a list of sites that allow users to send free Ecards without signing up.


I use gifocard to send free ecards. You do not need to submit personal information. Use the gifocard to send birthday greetings on the internet. That is one of the fastest ways to send this sort of greeting.

I prefer large GIFoCard image sizes, so you can send free birthday animations on social media quickly. You are able to access Facebook Messenger, Whatsapp, SMS, TextMessage, or email.

The most important thing is that gifocard is not something that requires a login, signup, registration, or app download. The company has many cards that are available in different languages, English, Spanish, French, German, Italian, Polish, and Portuguese.

Do you have some free cards?

The decision to send free ecards is a way to show your concern for your loved ones.  By using this method to show your consideration for them, you are showing that you care about them.  If you send free Ecards, you are sending a message to the person that you are thinking of.


Because each card is so funny, I have probably sent more emails from that site than from any other free email site combined. The ecards were so sarcastic and raunchy that they made me laugh long afterwards.

You are able to choose from hundreds of original templates and choose the best ones for creating printable cards and ecards for holidays, birthdays, and more. Add your own text and photos to create a greeting card that you can send to any occasion. Send this message to your friends and family members via email. Because they are so funny, these are some of the most popular electronic cards that people enjoy on the Internet. If you really like it, there are physical cards that you can purchase on Amazon. That is the best way to laugh.


If you like to have fun, funny, and lighthearted characters, then wrongcards will have funny, silly, and twisted humor that you will love. You have a collection of cards that can make you laugh and it is ideal for you to send a card to someone who has experienced a terrible day and you want to make their face look at them a little more.  What is wrong with the wrong card? Sometimes the right card is the right card. We cannot customize them, but it is easy to download or send from their website.

Bonus: NASA Free Valentine’s Day eCard

No better way to tell someone that they are out of this world than by using a free Valentine’s Day greeting card from Nasa. Yes, that is right. The National Aeronautics and Space Administration has put together a collection of free ecards aimed at people who love others. There are many types of cards you can choose from. Each one of them has a lovely space themed love message that is perfect for Valentine’s Day.

What is the best time to send a Christmas card to someone?

It is now that time of year again, and what better way to spread some holiday cheer than by sending some friends and family members a free Christmas ecard or a free Hanukkah card?

When is the right time to send a Christmas card or an electronic card? Retailers were placing Christmas decorations and Christmas music too soon in a longtime discussion. Retailers need to make sure that all their customers are present in order to maximize their sales. That is why it happens every year. Starbucks is selling its holiday drinks for Thanksgiving, Thanksgiving, and Veterans Day.

What is the best time to send a greeting card for Hanukkah or Christmas? My favorite time to celebrate is after Veterans Day and Remembrance Day. I recommend sending your Christmas cards after Thanksgiving or in the first week of December. I suppose that means the person receiving your card has time to enjoy the card, and also has the opportunity to return a Christmas or holiday card to you.

The celebration of Hanukkah will start on November 28, 2021, so make sure you get your free Hanukkah ecards before that time. This is the festival of lights, so you can celebrate before that time.

Are free ecards really that impersonal?

Have you noticed that the prices of the cards at Walmart or Target are very expensive? Many of them are over 5 dollars and feel like a waste of money. If you are sending a gift that you bought online, how are you going to personalize it? Sending an electronic card helps.

Why not include something to give with that free ecard?

It is more than enough to simply send an electronic card and say that you care for the other person. Everyone appreciates good gifts.

Read some of my other posts to see how you can score some more freebies including free subscription boxesfree fashion and beauty magazine subscriptions.

I am so wrong, I am not going to have something for Valentines Day.

As Valentine’s Day approaches, people all over the world are looking for a perfect way to say I love you. If you are struggling to find the perfect Valentine’s Day card for your sweetheart, you are not alone. Many websites offer free virtual greeting cards in order to make the search more straightforward.

There are many factors you should consider when deciding on a card.

You might find yourself faced with the challenge of choosing a gift card for someone you love. It is difficult, especially if you don’t know what to write or what type of card to choose. There are many considerations to consider before choosing a card. Consider the recipient of the card, the reason for the card, and the occasion. These are some questions to consider when purchasing a gift card.

Birthdays are really special, so it should be made with very special cards, as everyone knows. Every individual should ensure their birthday cards are unique and original. You may also consider celebrating it if it is a milestone birthday. If you plan to buy a boat, you should think carefully about it before you choose one.

There are some things to be careful of when sending out cards.

It is possible that due to modern technology and the convenience they offer, many things sent electronically can go wrong. That could be the cause of sending the card to the wrong person or email address. You do not want your good intentions to be lost in cyberspace forever.  You cannot avoid making errors, you can avoid them by following these tips.

1.  Check the email address you sent. If you are going to send a card electronically, you should take some time to double check the email address. A simple typo can cost you the game card that you spent hours playing.

2.  Check that you are spelling correctly. If you have a Grammarly extension installed, then install it in your browser. You can write your message in either Google Docs or Microsoft Office and allow it to spellcheck for you.

I hope that these free ecard websites will help you send a message to your special someone that will make their day happier.