Learn the ways that grammatical mistakes can have an effect on your upward mobility, your work flow, your time budgets, your professional image, and the synergy among your team and organization.

Grammar. Are you thinking about that lately? Whether or not your job requires extensive writing or content creation, taking the time to make sure your written communication is free of grammar, punctuation, and spelling mistakes is always worth it.

Are you not believing me?

When was the last time someone sent you a text or a slack message from someone you knew, and you weren’t sure what the tone or meaning was? What kind of sentences are structured and how they are punctuated can play a very important role in avoiding misunderstandings and making your message clear.

What about those emails from your coworkers that make you stressed out, because you do not understand if they are upset about something or just asking for more information or if they need some help? So, when it comes to your career, being professional is very important, because showing your employees that you care about their work and the people whom you work with is important to your upward mobility within your organization. Do not be that person with whom your peers must send you 4 additional emails just to get a clear understanding of what you need.

Prioritizing your grammar will enable you to understand how you communicate with others, and in many cases, this will help you become an instant vip among your colleagues. It is no longer enough to rely on the built-in grammar checkers in MS Word and Google Docs. Those tools may flag some of the more obvious errors, but they certainly will not help if you are dealing with things like word misuse, redundancies, and some more nuanced rules of grammar.

There are many free tools out there right now, but since you’re here with us, why not try out QuillBot’s new grammar checker? We’ve taught our AI models all the rules of grammar, punctuation, and spelling. So, with one pass, you will be able to quickly pick up on any errors in your writing. A grammar checker will give you the options to fix your mistakes. While you are polishing your work, you will learn what kinds of mistakes you repeatedly make, which will help you become a better writer, faster.

If you are still not convinced of the detrimental effect that inattention to correct grammar can have on your professional career, read on! Let’s take a look at three of the most common problems that you should avoid with a little more focused intent.

1. It is possible to avoid misunderstandings.

A lack of paying attention to grammar is equivalent to a lack of paying attention to detail, especially when text, email, slack messages, etc. are used to communicate with each other. It is more than ever that the virtual world has teams that are based in different cities or countries, and freelancers and more who may not be able to be online everyday due to time differences. In order to achieve this, good written communication is vital.

When people misplace a modifier or punctuation mistake, that can cause misunderstandings when someone is updating or giving other teams or colleagues their daily work, especially if those people are operating on a different schedule than yours. Is it possible that your bad writing is the reason another team struggles to support you? Perhaps it is because they either 1) do not understand and they must wait for you to answer their questions before they proceed, or 2) they think that they know everything and they have misunderstood completely.

Is it necessary to check your work to catch these kinds of mistakes? Yes. So, there are many benefits for you, your team, and your organization. You will save time and money over the long haul. You should never think that misunderstandings come at a huge cost, especially if you use a free online grammar checker to check your work.

Even if our misunderstandings are not literally painful, they sure are painful metaphorically.
Even if our misunderstandings are not literally painful, they sure are painful metaphorically.

2. Increase the professionalism.

Indeed describes professionalism in this way:

Professionalism is defined as a standard of conduct. It is the employee’s ability to embody the company’s values and do what their employer expects from them.”

You should also make sure that you are both a good employee and a good promoter of your company’s brand. Then you should also make sure that you are giving a good speech that is written and spoken with attention to grammar, punctuation, and spelling. When you make too many of these types of mistakes, you might appear lazy, unprofessional, or even careless, which is never the message you want to put out there for yourself or your brand. If you constantly strive to write and communicate flawlessly, people will notice you.

So now, the question is this: Who do you want to be seen as?

A) a colleague who is fun to talk to, but who is not careful enough to use their grammar, spelling, and punctuation properly in order to take care of a very important account.


A) the colleague that is the best choice to nurture new leads. That person’s professional, stylish, and attentive to detail, makes them a leader.

There are 15 professional characteristics for people to consider when they are working, but only a few of them can directly relate to communicating well.

Yikes. Peeface = definitely not a professional.
Yikes. Peeface = definitely not a professional.

3. Clarify what you are saying.

These are the 15 professional attributes that most workplaces must possess. Out of all of those, only a few can be directly linked to communicating effectively. On that list you must behave ethically. Also, you must be organized, respectful, accountable, reliable, poised, focused, and controlled. How can you expect to accomplish them, and how can you maintain them, if you do not really focus on putting these things into the right areas of your writing?

By this, if you are behind on a deadline or if one of your projects is not working out, you must know what your team can do to help you get back on track or pivot. Anything that is unclear due to lack of commas or word misuse will only cause you and your team to fall further behind. Ambiguity is one of the best ingredients for stress. You must do more work in order to get your message across. Avoid this by completing a simple grammar check.

If you are growing your business and you have big plans for the future, it also pays to be careful that you avoid grammatical errors. By doing that, you will be able to present clearly what your vision is. What are you hoping will happen to your team or your organization? With good grammar, you can be sure that your message is clear to your audience, your customers, and your colleagues. Clarifying your message in this context is a great example of how clearly and error-free communication can be used to rally a team, enabling them to work more productively and systematically.

Being punctual saves lives and careers.
Being punctual saves lives and careers.

Maybe you’ve thought about stepping up your game in order to become more competitive for a promotion. You may also be thinking about a career or company change. If you are at any career stage, grammatical mistakes can affect your upward mobility, your workflow, your time budget, your professional image, and the synergy of your team or organization. Do not lose out on important opportunities because you do not understand mundane concepts, like a comma splice. Incorporate the use of a free online tool into your routine. So you and all your other promotions will be able to thank us later.