What is one of the most looked point on Google in 2022?

This year, “facebook” leads the pack around the world, adhered to by “youtube” and also “amazon.com.” The prominent word video game “wordle” complies with simply behind.

Semrush’s data source of over 20 billion key phrases is loaded with information concerning prominent searches.

We have actually searched the information to bring you checklists of the leading 100 Google searches and also many Googled inquiries in the united state and also around the globe.

Let’s have a look.

Leading 100 Google The Majority Of Searches Globally


Search Volume

2 youtube196,100,000
3 amazon178,200,000
4 wordle159,100,000
5 google128,500,000
6 gmail100,300,000
7 bbc news67,700,000
8 google translate62,200,000
9 weather61,400,000
10 yahoo mail56,600,000
11 yahoo56,000,000
12 translate51,300,000
13 hotmail44,300,000
14 instagram44,000,000
15 walmart41,100,000
16 ebay40,900,000
17 residence depot38,100,000
18 nba36,700,000
19 twitter35,600,000
20 fox news35,100,000
21 news29,000,000
22 climate tomorrow28,900,000
23 netflix28,800,000
24 everyday mail28,400,000
25 météo27,300,000
26 cnn27,000,000
27 indeed26,200,000
28 target25,300,000
29 amazon.com prime24,700,000
30 zillow24,400,000
31 google maps24,300,000
32 outlook22,800,000
33 ukraine21,300,000
34 food near me21,000,000
35 maps20,700,000
36 google docs19,800,000
37 espn19,700,000
38 shein19,600,000
39 le bon coin19,000,000
40 lowes18,700,000
41 airbnb18,700,000
42 etsy18,700,000
43 amazon.com uk18,700,000
44 costco18,100,000
45 bbc sport18,000,000
46 nfl16,700,000
47 msn16,600,000
48 craigslist16,500,000
49 roblox16,400,000
50 dining establishments near me16,400,000
51 calculator16,200,000
52 solitaire15,500,000
53 covid vaccination near me15,400,000
54 linkedin15,200,000
55 ideal buy15,100,000
56 rate test14,900,000
57 ikea14,900,000
58 usps tracking14,800,000
59 premier league14,500,000
60 dominos14,500,000
61 omegle14,400,000
62 google traduction14,300,000
63 nba scores14,200,000
64 paypal14,000,000
65 rightmove14,000,000
66 wordle today14,000,000
67 pinterest13,700,000
68 gmail login13,700,000
69 google flights13,600,000
70 facebook login13,600,000
71 twitch13,300,000
72 reddit13,300,000
73 spanish to english13,300,000
74 english to spanish13,200,000
75 awesome suit games12,700,000
76 traduction12,700,000
77 program tv12,400,000
78 ebay.com uk12,300,000
79 kahoot12,100,000
80 google classroom11,900,000
81 spotify11,800,000
82 walgreens11,700,000
83 traductor11,700,000
84 dow jones11,400,000
85 speedtest11,400,000
86 skies news11,300,000
87 bbc11,200,000
88 tiempo11,200,000
89 serpent game11,200,000
90 yt10,900,000
91 tiktok10,800,000
92 meteo10,700,000
93 discord10,600,000
94 ups tracking10,500,000
95 wells fargo10,500,000
96 canva10,300,000
97 bitcoin price10,200,000
98 soap2day10,000,000
99 google drive10,000,000
100 post emploi9,900,000

Leading 100 Google Searches in the US

KeywordSearch Volume
7google translate49,400,000
10yahoo mail38,200,000
11home depot38,000,000
14fox news34,800,000
22amazon prime21,500,000
23weather tomorrow21,500,000
24food near me20,500,000
28google docs17,900,000
34google maps15,900,000
35restaurants near me15,500,000
37best buy14,900,000
38usps tracking14,700,000
39nba scores14,000,000
42covid vaccination near me12,800,000
43english to spanish12,700,000
45spanish to english12,700,000
46google flights12,400,000
47cool mathematics games12,200,000
49gmail login12,000,000
56speed test11,400,000
61dow jones10,700,000
62wordle today10,600,000
63snake game10,600,000
64wells fargo10,500,000
66ups tracking10,200,000
69google classroom9,700,000
70american airlines9,500,000
71facebook login9,400,000
75bank of america9,200,000
79southwest airlines9,000,000
81fedex tracking8,800,000
84mlb scores8,700,000
85bitcoin price8,500,000
89nfl scores7,900,000
91capital one7,900,000
92hbo max7,800,000
99amber heard7,500,000

Top 100 The Majority Of Googled Concerns Globally

Here are the 100 most looked inquiries worldwide on Google this year:

KeywordSearch Volume
1what time is it1,400,000
2 what is my ip1,100,000
3 when is easter 20221,100,000
4 what to watch960,900
5 when is mommies day886,000
6 what time is the very bowl774,300
7 the amount of weeks in a year771,100
8 the amount of ounces in a gallon747,900
9 when is easter734,300
10 the amount of ounces in a cup709,800
11 just how to screenshot on mac677,100
12 where am i665,100
13 when is the very bowl663,900
14 when is dad’s day595,500
15 when is daddies day574,100
16 why is russia attacking ukraine543,100
17 how much time does covid last538,500
18 when is mom’s day 2022507,600
19 what time is it in california457,500
20 that called me from this phone number425,600
21 the amount of ounces in a pound412,100
22 what is juneteenth406,100
23 when is dad’s day 2022390,800
24 what does pressing p mean381,900
25 that called me371,800
26 just how to reduce weight fast359,500
27 how much time to steam eggs353,000
28 what tune is this345,900
29 the amount of oz in a gallon342,400
30 the amount of grams in an ounce337,600
31 what is monkeypox331,600
32 when are tax obligations due 2022318,800
33 just how to screenshot on windows317,100
34 the amount of individuals remain in the world311,400
35 what is my ip address310,400
36 when is mommies day 2022308,600
37 why were power saws invented304,400
38 just how to link a tie301,300
39 when is daddies day 2022298,400
40 where is my refund288,500
41 what is today’s wordle287,100
42 what time is it in hawaii282,600
43 just how much oil does the u.s. import from russia282,100
44 just how to erase instagram account264,400
45 just how to pronounce264,300
46 when is valentines day262,500
47 that won the superbowl 2022261,800
48 the amount of mugs in a quart260,400
49 just how much home can i afford260,300
50 the amount of quarts in a gallon260,100
51 what day is it256,600
52 when is the superbowl 2022255,200
53 how much time are you transmittable with covid250,600
54 what is nato250,100
55 what is an nft249,200
56 is my vehicle taxed246,300
57 just how to draw246,000
58 that is the wealthiest individual in the world244,400
59 when is very dish 2022242,000
60 what time is it in australia240,100
61 when is memorial day 2022239,700
62 what time does the very dish start237,500
63 just how did bob saget die235,900
64 what is wordle234,400
65 when is mom’s day230,100
66 when is the following complete moon229,200
67 the amount of tsps in a tablespoon226,900
68 just how to make french toast221,000
69 what is today219,800
70 the amount of feet in a mile215,300
71 what time is sunset213,900
72 the amount of mugs in a gallon212,400
73 when is labor day 2022207,500
74 what time is it in arizona206,700
75 what is a recession204,800
76 what is the climate today204,800
77 where is xur198,800
78 the amount of taplespoons in a cup198,300
79 the amount of calories ought to i consume in a day196,700
80 just how to play wordle195,700
81 where am i appropriate now191,200
82 what vacation is today190,200
83 when is memorial day188,900
84 when does summertime start188,400
85 when is labor day188,000
86 what year is it184,800
87 the amount of action in a mile182,500
88 the amount of oz in a cup182,300
89 the amount of ounces in a quart178,300
90 just how to take a screenshot on mac177,000
91 the amount of days till christmas176,400
92 just how to create a check175,900
93 just how to steam eggs175,400
94 when does springtime start175,400
95 the amount of grams in a pound175,200
96 just how to erase apps174,700
97 just how to reduce blood pressure174,200
98 just how does 444 mean173,800
99 what day is it today173,500
100 why is the skies blue172,300

Leading 100 The Majority Of Googled Concerns in the US

Here are one of the most Googled inquiries in the United States in 2022:

KeywordSearch Volume
1what time is it1,300,000
2what to watch911,500
3what is my ip823,000
4when is easter 2022804,800
5what time is the very bowl773,300
6when is mommies day739,000
7how several ounces in a gallon732,600
8how several weeks in a year695,100
9how several ounces in a cup676,400
10when is the very bowl659,100
11when is easter627,200
12how to screenshot on mac565,500
13where am i558,600
14when is dad’s day518,500
15when is daddies day505,100
16why is russia attacking ukraine451,700
17what time is it in california429,500
18who called me from this phone number416,200
19how long does covid last409,300
20when is mom’s day 2022408,500
21what is juneteenth403,100
22how several ounces in a pound392,600
23when is dad’s day 2022370,600
24what does pressing p mean359,800
25how several litres in a gallon329,500
26how several oz in a gallon327,600
27how long to steam eggs321,100
28when are tax obligations due 2022318,700
29how several grams in an ounce309,400
30how tune is this302,600
31what is monkeypox292,000
32where is my refund287,700
33when is daddies day 2022285,300
34how much oil does the u.s. import from russia282,100
35how to screenshot on windows275,000
36what time is it in hawaii266,600
37how to link a tie266,500
38why were power saws invented263,100
39how lots of people remain in the world262,300
40how to reduce weight fast259,800
41what is my ip address259,800
42who won the superbowl 2022259,900
43when is the very dish 2022251,700
44how several mugs in a quart247,300
45how several quarts in a gallon247,300
46how much home can i afford241,600
47what is today’s wordle240,900
48when is memorial day 2022238,700
49when is very dish 2022238,600
50when is mommies day 2022238,100
51what time does the very dish start235,700
52how did bob saget die232,000
53what day is it231,500
54how to pronounce229,100
55when is valentines day225,100
56how to draw215,600
57how long are you transmittable with covid215,400
58what is an nft213,700
59how several tsps in a tablespoon207,800
60when is labor day 2022207,000
61how to make french toast206,600
62what time is it in australia206,600
63how several feet in a mile201,100
64who is the wealthiest individual in the world200,600
65when is mom’s day199,900
66how to erase instagram account199,300
67what is wordle198,900
68what is today198,800
69how several mugs in a gallon196,500
70what time is sunset193,100
71when is the following complete moon193,100
72what time is it in arizona191,000
73what is a recession190,100
74when is labor day188,000
75what vacation is today187,900
76what is nato187,900
77where am i appropriate now179,100
78how several tbsps in a cup178,500
79when is memorial day177,900
80where is xur174,000
81how to erase apps172,400
82how to play wordle171,200
83is today a holiday168,400
84how several oz in a cup165,800
85what does 444 mean165,800
86what is the wordle today163,800
87what is the weather163,300
88what time is it in london162,800
89what year is it162,800
90how do you lead to restaurant162,000
91how several nations are there162,000
92how several ounces in a quart161,300
93how several grams in a pound160,300
94when is daytime savings159,300
95how to take a screenshot on mac158,300
96how to create a check158,300
97what network is the very dish on157,900
98where is my refund157,800
99what time is it in texas157,500
100how several action in a mile157,500

Many question-based key phrases are long-tail key phrases.

Long-tail key phrases often tend to be extra particular and also have reduced search quantity. This makes them much less affordable– and also usually simpler to place for.

To discover just how to target them, review our guide to long-tail keywords.

Concerning the Leading Google Searches

This keyword information is from January with August 2022 and also covers United States and also international information.

To completely comprehend the outcomes of Google’s leading search terms, it is very important to comprehend search volume. Since it assists suggest the appeal of a keyword.

Look quantity is the typical variety of times individuals go into a search inquiry on an internet search engine every month.

Because a key phrase’s search quantity differs every month, the numbers in this research are based upon the mixed standards from January with August 2022.

Note: We eliminated all NSFW (not secure for job) search terms from the listing. Though you can obtain total information with all search terms when you make use of Keyword Magic Tool or Keyword Overview.

We’ll remain to upgrade this listing of prominent searches throughout the year for the most updated details.

Want to discover one of the most Googled point this year? Or find the right keywords to target for your organization?

You can do that and also extra with Semrush.

With a data source of greater than 20 billion key phrases within your reaches, you’ll never ever lack keyword concepts.

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