If you are not using Twitter hashtags properly, you may be missing out on a lot of potentially valuable impressions and engagement. As a result, it might be a missed opportunity to attract a relevant audience on the platform. So even if you know what to Tweet, you might not get optimum visibility for your Tweets without the right hashtags.

This guide will explain why Twitter hashtags are important for your brand. It will also show you how to find the most relevant hashtags and when to use them for marketing. So let’s get started.

Why are tweet hashtags important?

Hashtags are a combination of keywords or phrases that have the # symbol preceding them, excluding any spaces or punctuation. When you put the # symbol in front of the words “social media,” the result is that it becomes a hashtag #socialmedia.

Hashtags are used to group together tweets and conversations that have a similar topic, so that people can easily find and follow those who are interested in that subject. When someone clicks on a hashtag or searches for it, they will be able to see all the accounts and posts that people have made using that hashtag. You can see that if I search for #homecooking, I will see plenty of posts about homemade meals.

Trending Twitter search results for #homecooking

It is by using hashtags that you can make your content searchable and group it into relevant topics. By using hashtags to join in on subjects like industry discussion or Twitter trends, it will appear when people search that hashtag. You can become visible to a wider audience outside the people that you are already targeting, and increase the visibility and the reach of your content.

What are the best hashtags on Twitter that are currently trending?

By using the most popular Twitter hashtags, you can also attract a highly relevant audience that is interested in what you have to say. Through these hashtags, some people may discover your products and other people may start following your brand.

What does it mean when a hashtag on Twitter becomes “trending?” Twitter trends are found on the “What’s happening” sidebar on desktop, or the search tab on mobile, and show the topics that are currently picking up momentum and driving the conversation on Twitter. These topics, news stories and popular hashtags are selected based on global trends, regional ones, or related by the Twitter algorithm to an individual’s own interests, depending on user settings.

When someone uses social media, one reliable source of hashtag ideas is the hashtag holidays that always make the top list of the most popular Twitter hashtags. We’ve created a full yearly calendar of hashtag holidays you can easily slot them into your publishing plans.

Beyond these predictable top hashtags, Twitter trends constantly change in response to the day’s news, events, and memes. Some of these trends unexpectedly gain viral traction.

While jumping in on popular hashtags and conversations is recommended, be sure that you fully understand the meaning of a given hashtag and vet its relevance to your brand voice and identity before firing off a Tweet. Just as brands have found themselves co-opted by groups looking to distort their message, hashtags used in evolving trends can quickly take on additional, unexpected connotations.

That is why using hashtag search and research tools can help you integrate hashtags into your upcoming content. So, read on to find out how to search for the best hashtags on Twitter.

3 There are several ways to search for the most relevant Twitter hashtags.

You should also know when to use Twitter hashtags. You need to find out which hashtags are most popular. One way to do that is with a hashtag tracking tool like we offer at Sprout Social is a social network., but here are three other ways to find valuable Twitter hashtags:

1. The native twitter search.

Twitter comes with a native search feature that lets you keep up with the latest hashtags. You can visit Twitter by clicking on the #explore tab. Then select the “trending” tab. Here you will find a list of the most popular topics and hashtags in your region.

How to find the Twitter trends list

You can also find a list of topics and hashtags that are popular for you to use, personalized to your interests. On this page you will see the most popular topics related to sports and entertainment. It is possible that, because these are the top trends that many people are interested in, it can be hard to narrow down the topics that your brand audience is interested in. So it is necessary to have a more powerful tool.

2. Sprout Social is a social network.

In order to create a more relevant list of Twitter hashtags that people are trending, make the most of sprout’s social listening tools. The Twitter Trends Report lets you view topics and track hashtags that people use frequently when mentioning your brand. You can even get comprehensive hashtag analytics for each of the hashtags that are mentioned in the Trends Report including frequency by day, or by people and brands mentioning or talking about you.

Sprout Social is a social network. Twitter trends report and hashtag analytics

Using social listening tools allows you to focus on the conversations that your audience is having.  It is one thing to stay on trending hashtags to gain visibility, but you are much more likely to drive longer term results such as brand loyalty and conversions by using Twitter hashtags that are highly relevant to your audience’s interest. A bakery chain might have some cute photos to share on #nationalpetday, but they can really enhance their audience awareness, product discovery, and conversion by sharing eye-catching and snatching images on #nationaldonutday.

Conducting this research doesn’t have to be a time-consuming addition to your social media marketing efforts–check out our list of 40 ways to use social listening for inspiration on targeted, efficient ways to start using these powerful insights.

3. Trendsmap

Trendsmap helps you avoid using the native Twitter hashtag search function. It shows you the most trending hashtags and lets you explore their usage over time. It also allows you to see the most popular tweets and accounts that are relevant to those topics.

How can you use Twitter hashtags to promote your business?

What is the key to Twitter hashtags? It is important that you correctly use them. It is not enough to just blindly use them and hope that good things will happen. This is especially true for those running brand social media accounts as it requires taking a calculated approach for proper hashtag marketing.

When should you use Twitter hashtags to promote your brand?

1. Tweet about events and conferences that you are interested in attending.

You can make use of Twitter hashtags to join in conversations about popular events (#oscars) and industry conferences (#socialmediaweek). Better yet, if you or someone else is bringing something relevant to an event, use these hashtags to share with people the news that you are participating in.

This billboard used the #grammys hashtag in the following tweet to get people talking about the event.


2. Celebrate national holidays and other important days.

Use the Twitter hashtags to celebrate holidays that are national (#Thanksgiving) or global (#Earthday). In addition to this extremely important and important holiday, there are other less well-known celebrations as well: National Pancake Day or National Emoji Day. If you can, ensure that you make the most out of celebrations that are highly relevant to your product.

Take for example, the popular burger chain Five Guys, who posted a post on #nationalburgerday.


3. Men should promote brand campaigns.

When you are promoting your brand and your products, the best time for you to use Twitter hashtags is when you’re creating buzz about them. Some people use hashtags in order to promote certain campaigns, or they use hashtags to promote products. You can also set up a branded hashtag campaign to collect user-generated content, allowing you to gain more visibility around your brand.

You can help social media examiners by using the hashtag #smechat to promote their twitter chat.


4. Stay connected with pop culture trends.

Twitter is a central place for people to talk, especially about pop culture topics. If you decide to join in on one of those conversations, you should use a hashtag that is relevant to that topic to help your tweet get some visibility.

In the following tweet, the official Wendy’s Twitter account uses the hashtag #acnh to indicate that it is an animal crossing new horizons.


It is important that you remember that your brand does not need to become involved in every pop culture topic. Social media crises can happen even when you think your Tweet was on par with the topic. Be sure that you understand the topic before you post.

5. Join in on a weekly trend or challenge.

Some of the most popular Twitter hashtags feature weekly challenges and trends, like #throwbackthursday, #mondaymotivation, etc. If you decide to do one of these challenges, make sure that you use the hashtags that are used.

Check out Subaru’s tweets related to #feelgoodfriday.


6. You should support a cause.

Now that we are all socially conscious, it is imperative that brands stand up for a cause. According to the Sprout Social is a social network. #BrandsGetReal survey, 70% of consumers feel that brands should take a stand on public issues.

When you are supporting a cause, use the hashtags of your choice to get more visibility. Ben & Jerry’s has been exemplary in this aspect, as covered in our recent Social Spotlight. On Twitter, they used the hashtag #stophateforprofit to highlight the message. In the tweet below, they did.


7. Join the discussion and discuss relevant topics.

Even if you post about topics that are very general (#nature, #marketing, etc.) and include a hashtag, that will help you gain more visibility among your audience.

I see that Pretty Polly uses hashtags such as #ethicalfashion and #sustainablefashion in its following tweet. By focusing on common interests, they’ve expanded their audience outside their local market.


You should use hashtags from Twitter to help you with your marketing strategy.

Effectively utilizing Twitter hashtags boils down to striking a balance between original hashtags and participating in conversations on relevant hashtags. So what are you planning for? Is it important that you plan to publish to a campaign hashtag or that you want to get visibility from other Twitter trends and events, like these hashtag holidays?