This review will reveal that the Watermine cryptocurrency mining service is actually a scam, and you should avoid it.

What is a watermine?

Watermine is a service that helps people earn money from cryptocurrency mining. That means you can purchase mining power and mine cryptocurrency. Which one is going to return the most profit for you? The company also claims that it does business with digital currencies.

There are currently four mining plans. They all promise daily returns ranging from 2 to 2,6%, and fees include the fee.

Referring other people to this program also increases your profit by earning 20% of their deposits over four levels. The minimum deposit for a trip to the store is 10 USD.

Watermine Ltd. The company is registered in England. How can you trust it, and how can you mine for cryptocurrencies with it?


There was a watermine scam.

Watermine is not legitimate and has a pyramidal scam that you should avoid. Mining cryptocurrency does not produce results. That is illegal and likely to collapse.

It is not only about mining.

It’s very difficult to comprehend how cryptocurrency mining works. There are many variables that you must consider, including hardware costs, electricity costs, crypto price, and mining difficulty of different currencies, that constantly change.

Until I explain the truth, you cannot generate more than 2% daily income during cryptocurrency mining. That has happened since day one.

When you begin mining or if you are renting hardware for cloud mining, expect that it will take months before you can break even. It is impossible to predict how long it will take due to all the factors that we mentioned above.

It is simple, you cannot be profitable in crypto mining from day one. If the market goes down, like it did between 2018 and 2020, it could take a year or more to break even in crypto mining and start making profits.

So legit companies that do cryptocurrency mining will never promise you any monthly or daily returns, because nobody can guarantee that they will earn any money. It is because there is nobody who knows what the price of crypto will be in the future.

If you are dealing with a legit mining company, they will provide you with details about the cryptocurrencies you will be mining. Watermine does not do that. Watermine promises steady, daily returns, but doesn’t tell you what you are promising. It is impossible to guarantee it.

Watermine is not mining cryptocurrency and it is scam.

We know a lot of people do not consider what we have just explained to be a proof, but the truth is that simple. Many crypto scams promise things that are impossible in reality, which is why people just look at their numbers.

Fake mining plans

How does watermine work?

Watermine is an obvious sign of a Ponzi scheme. In our opinion, cryptocurrencies are not being mined. There is only a financial pyramid that is going to fall apart.

The manager of Watermine takes money from new members and gives it to older members. That is how all Ponzi schemes work. They do not create or do any real value. They play a dirty and unsustainable game with money.

You should never participate in Ponzi schemes like Watermine, and this is for two reasons. Number one is that they are certain to fall down, but you do not know when that will happen. The second reason is that even if you succeed in generating profits before the system breaks, it is money from someone else that is getting scammed in that system.

If you are already in Watermine, we strongly recommend that you take your money back as soon as you can in order to stay away from this scam.

How it works

Watermine Review – Conclusions.

Watermine is a scam that does not allow you to mine cryptocurrency. This Ponzi scheme is illegal and will cease and all of the money will disappear. Stay away from those.

When you decide to invest a large sum of money, you need to have a solid strategy in place and to understand the risks.