WAX Cloud Wallet is an NFT-focused wallet for use on the WAX blockchain. It is possible to use it on desktop and mobile devices to collect and trade NFTs easily. The WAX, or ‘Widely Asset Exchange’, is a cryptocurrency platform that focuses on digital assets and collectibles.

Crypto, NFTs, and other types of collectibles are the main focus areas of the blockchain. The wax wallet is the solution for holding and trading things on the blockchain.

What is a wax wallet?

A blockchain should have a wallet so you can store and trade digital assets. Wax Blockchain is a purpose built, NFT blockchain. It helps brands and developers collect money from their games, digital arts, and other areas. In order to interact with this blockchain and collect the funds you need a wallet. The best solution to that situation is to use wax wallet which is available on desktop and mobile interfaces.

This is possible because of wax. Developers can build and upgrade their apps, games, marketplaces, and many other blockchain-based projects. The WAX Cloud Wallet, which is the gateway for interfacing with these products, supports this functionality also. Through the blockchain, users will also be able to participate in the governance mechanisms. There are governance tokens on the blockchain, just like wax tokens, that you can manage in your wax wallet.

The wax blockchain developed and designed a wallet for the wax cloud. It is composed of experts from the EOS and Ethereum communities. Most popular among them is the Amsterdam community.

There are three kinds of tokens, called WAX, that are on the blockchain. These are for management and use in different areas. The most important tokens in this blockchain are wax, waxp, and waxg. It was integrated with Ethereum so that the participants can earn both Ethereum and Ethereum tokens.

The wax wallet aims to provide a simple way for users to interact with the wax blockchain. One example of interactivity would be between people who buy, collect, and sell NFTs or interact with the Dapps that are built on this blockchain.

I will help you create a wallet account using social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Google, Reddit, and many others. The wax cloud wallet also enables the privacy of the private keys. So, people no longer worry about their private keys. The wallet is free for users to use.

How do I create my account in Wax Cloud wallet?

It is simple to set up your account in the wax wallet. You can do it in many ways. For example, you may create a profile using the credentials of popular social platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and Reddit. Perhaps you can simply create an account using the same email address and password. If you aren’t sure, follow the steps below to setup a WaxWallet account.

Go to the all-access website of the wallet: https://all-access.wax.io/

Click on the icon of each social media platform then follow the steps necessary to log in to your account. Do not forget that with such an account setup, you always have to log into your social platform using your account.

On the page where you can sign up, click on Sign Up for an Account and fill out the form. It is necessary to have your email address, a password, and confirm the password.

wax wallet review

After entering your credentials, you will receive an email to confirm that you have successfully registered for the course. Click on the link that is in the email, and log into your account from there. When you sign up for a new account, the first thing you need to do is to accept the terms of service.

create wallet wax

Check all the boxes, then click on accept and continue. You are now able to log into your WAX wallet.

wax interface

How can I use the Wax Cloud wallet?

When you log in to your wax wallet account, you will see a screen that looks like the picture above. The address of your wax account starts with “Wam”. It is possible to send and receive tokens from the menu on the right. If you look in the middle of the page, you can see the apps linked to your wallet.

The tokens that are required are shown in the lower part of that section. This is the first area where the Waxp tokens that are EOS tokens will be shown. You can manage your holdings from that section. The left menu also provides suggestions for other services related to your wax blockchain and your wax token balance (waxp).

A few wax tokens are necessary in order to be able to use the wallet. You can purchase waxp at various exchanges, or you can pay with your credit card either using Simplex or Moon Pay services. In the top left corner, click on the button titled, Buy WAXP. Check out the list of items that are exchangeable. The form provides you with the ability to buy something with credit cards.

buy wax

Another method for getting money for your wax wallet is to receive wax tokens from another account. Simply click on the right menu link to receive. Copy the username and password of your wax account to another account that wants to send you wax tokens.

I send and receive money.

One reason people use wallets is to send and receive digital assets and money. You can manage that in your wax wallet by selecting the right menu on the dashboard.

Click on the send button to send a transaction. When you tap on a token to send it, you will see a pop-up that asks for the token name, the amount, and the address of the person who is receiving it. First, choose the token that you are sending. All final steps that must be approved must be completed. After the transaction has been completed, you will receive a notification confirming the transaction.

waxp coin

The dashboard for the wax wallet.

As mentioned above, the wax wallet dashboard has many tools and buttons that help you navigate to useful use cases in the blockchain. The most obvious ones are sending and receiving funds. You can manage NFTs, connect to dApps, stake, read the news, and use an ETH bridge.


Select the NFT menu on the new dashboard and you will see all of the collectibles that you have in one place. You can search among all the NFT collections that you have and sort them in this dashboard. On this dashboard, we are able to manage and transact NFSs.

wax nft inventory


The Wax wallet app menu allows you to connect to decentralized applications on the Wax blockchain. Many platforms exist as platforms that are associated with blockchain games, and some are marketplaces for digital assets. If you click on each icon, a new page will open, redirecting you to the main page of the application. Log in to your CloudFund account.

wax dapps


Select stakes to be traded on the Wax blockchain from the dashboard. You can stake all your assets, and you can even vote to get the wax guilds. Voting for a wax guild is a better way to earn wax tokens.

wax staking


The latest news from the wax blockchain. These projects are being launched and NFT collections are being released.

Ethion Bridge is a short walk away.

It is possible for you to send and receive your tokens between the wax and etherum blockchains in this section. Then you should add a metamask to your cloud wallet in order to withdraw or deposit tokens to each blockchain.

wax eth bridge


This section devoted to defi gives you all the tools that you need to benefit from the defi opportunities in the wax blockchain. You are also allowed to swap tokens, stake or unstake them, and even vote on the proposals that are on this page.

wax defi

Is the WAX Cloud Wallet really secure?

The WAX wallet is a cloud-based wallet that is different from most traditional wallets. You can access it via the internet, both on desktop and mobile devices.

There is no private key backup during the signup process to have an account in this wallet. Additionally, you can sign into your social media accounts.

These differences may cause you to worry about the security of your wax wallet. The wax team states that all these things have been designed to make an interface that is easy to use, and allows you to access NFT and Defi services.

This is because the steps necessary to secure your account are also obligatory. Do not give anyone your wallet password. Do not log onto your account from a public computer.


Wax Cloud wallet is a web-based cryptocurrency wallet that provides many tools and features. They are built to allow people to manage and transact NFTs on the wax blockchain. This wallet is used for many other purposes. For example, stakes, connections to app stores, and voting in DeFi projects.

The most important thing that allows users to be able to quickly interact with this wallet is the biggest advantage that attracts newcomers to choose it to pay for the daily cryptocurrency transactions that they are involved in.