what are the responsibilities of a content writer

A content writer’s job includes writing articles, rewriting and reformatting existing content for different audiences, and performing SEO optimization. They must also write eye-catching headlines and make good use of links on other pages. They should also be able to write clear and easy-to-read copy that will get the desired response from readers. There are many responsibilities that a content writer must fulfill to become successful in their new role.

Rewrite or paraphrase content

When you rewrite or paraphrase a piece of content, you need to make sure you have unique and compelling information to write about. Often, information changes over time, but a post that was written last year may be equally as relevant today. To maintain relevance to readers, rewritten content is a priority for brands and marketers. Paraphrasing tools like Simplified can help you do this.

The main goal of paraphrasing is to capture the main idea from the original piece of writing without using as many words as possible. This technique includes borrowing key terms from the original work, but it is also free of quotation marks. Paraphrasing requires the author to know the source material well, making notes and listing key terms. It is also important to avoid copying the original text completely, as this can lead to accusations of plagiarism.

The first step in rephrasing content is to ensure that it doesn’t contain plagiarism. It is important to run the rewritten content through a plagiarism checker, as well as rewording tools to ensure that any grammatical errors have been removed. Once the content is rewritten, it should still be proofread for any errors. Grammarly has a free version of its paraphrasing tools. Duplichecker is another tool that uses advanced Artificial Intelligence (AI) to process large portions of text and produce an instant output.

Using an online rewriting tool will help you eliminate redundancy from your content and make it sound more intelligent. Using an AI-based rephraser tool can save you valuable time, while improving your content’s flow. Furthermore, it doesn’t cost you a penny, and you can use it to paraphrase any content within minutes. The good thing about it is that it’s free and doesn’t require any personal information.

Rewrite or reformat content for a new audience

While a professional services firm may need to create keyword-driven content, the work of a content writer is not limited to this. Many writers are tasked with rewriting content or reformatting existing content for a new audience. Whether the content is written for an online magazine or a blog, the responsibilities of a content writer are diverse. Some content writers rewrite the same content for a different audience, while others write articles and blog posts for different audiences.

A content writer’s responsibilities also include interacting with subject matter experts, other writers, CMOs, and editors. These professionals must also meet tight deadlines and deal with comments, revisions, and follow-ups. Among these responsibilities are the ability to adapt content from a source into an original, compelling piece of content. While this type of work is not as demanding as writing SEO-optimized content, it does require some skills and knowledge.

Include multimedia in finished copy

As a content writer, you have a number of responsibilities. In addition to writing content, you may also have to create multimedia for your content. These are pieces that contain images, video, audio, and other forms of content. A multimedia writer creates content for websites, video games, smart phones, and computers, as well as for advertising materials. They also work with other multimedia artists, which provides new challenges for creativity. One of these jobs is writing the text for an online ad campaign.

QC content for grammatical or factual errors

Aside from spotting any grammatical or factual errors, QCing content also involves making sure it flows well and has proper punctuation. A good content quality checker will check the pace of each paragraph. Having rambling paragraphs is annoying, and breaks partway through the paragraph are distracting. Breaks can be as simple as a full stop, or as complex as a semi-colon.