You’re anticipating an order from China as well as you have gotten an “Airline JieShou” standing upgrade.

What does this upgrade imply precisely? Where is your plan when you obtain this sharp as well as exists anything you require to do?

Let’s have a look …

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Summary: Airline Company JieShou Meaning

Airline JieShou is really a translation of “接受 (JieShou)”, suggesting the airline company has actually “Obtained” the delivery. Basically, the plan has actually been gotten by the airline company in charge of delivering the thing overseas.

Airline company JieShou/ Airline Company Received– Guide

Airline JieShou

Once the monitoring upgrade has actually been equated, what it implies is fairly obvious.

JieShou merely implies “Obtained” in Chinese.

The airline company got the plan from the provider at the factor of separation out of China.

Customizeds clearance has actually efficiently occurred, as well as currently the airline company will certainly schedule the thing to be delivered overseas.

This can be straight to the location nation, or by means of an intermediate transportation nation.

General, as soon as you obtain the “Airline company JieShou” upgrade, you recognize that the plan will leave China.

Monitoring Stuck on “Airline Company JieShou”


It is necessary to think about that the airline company has actually just approved your delivery. It does not imply that it is really on a plane.

Requirement deliveries out of China, (particularly via eCommerce systems such as AliExpress or Shein), can take some time.

Hold-ups because of covid, or merely because of the accessibility of airplane, imply that the plan will rest inside a storage facility at the airport terminal for days, often also weeks.

Throughout every one of this, your monitoring will be stuck on “Airline company JieShou”.

What to do if Monitoring is Stuck on “Airline Company JieShou”?

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I hate to state it, yet the very first strategy is really perseverance.

As I stated above, eCommerce deliveries out of China take some time to leave.

The system that you got from will certainly have mentioned the anticipated size of distribution. AliExress standard delivery is anything in between 15 as well as 45 organization days.

Moreover, numerous service providers such as Yanwen as well as Sunyou (typically made use of by AliExpress vendors as well as Shein) quit tracking a thing once it leaves China.

This implies that the plan can be relocating as well as you will certainly not also learn about it.

Usage a Universal Monitoring App


My basic guidance in this circumstance is to attempt your monitoring number in a global monitoring application such as 17Track or Parcelsapp.

If the airline company and even the provider in the location nation is giving tracking updates, these cost-free devices will certainly most likely discover the information.

Know Your Purchaser Gurantee Period

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If after making use of the applications you do not see any kind of brand-new details, I would just begin to be worried as soon as your customer’s gurantee duration begins to go out, (for AliExpress this is 60 days).

Watch on your protection duration as well as if the delivery does not show up as it wanes, you must start the procedure of opening a dispute as well as looking for a reimbursement.

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