If you are reading this, you may have seen many of the comments about Chupagetti.

The one who eats the tiktok says to the others, Here is the recipe for chupagetti.

You are probably a new user and you might be wondering what the comment really means.

Someone creates a new trend on Tekktok every now and then.

In all of these videos, people are speaking about Chupagetti repeatedly.

The author writes a comment to every video on the For You page.

In this article, you’ll learn what does Chupagetti mean on TikTok and where it originated from.

What does chupagetti mean on Tikitok?

Chupagetti is a combination of the two words, chupa and spagetti.

In the Philippines, the word chupa means a rough word. I am very fond of the phrase “Getti”, which is the second syllable of the term ” spaghetti “.

Unfortunately, many of the tiktok users who make comments about chupagetti do not even know what that phrase means.

Most users comment on the phrase for the sake of the trend.

The old saying goes, monkey see, monkey do.

Many users went to Twitter to complain about how annoying the trend is.

Many of these trends will eventually cease. It’s only a matter of time.

Even if it were true, there may be other trends that are more stupid than this one.

From where did Chupagetti originate?

Chupagetti originated from a joke made by Tyrone Tiaga, a Filipino YouTuber, TikToker, and comedian.

In a video he used the words chupa and ghetti in 2021.

A second syllable was added later to make “getti” correct for a misspelling.

Currently, it’s not known who was the first person who posted the “This is the recipe for making Chupagetti.” comment.

By that time, it has become a global trend, and now everyone is commenting on it.

The phrase “Chupa” may seem crude, given the fact the phrase is Filipino.

This trend called chupagetti is similar to the 2021 trend called leave atacrello alone.

One of the recent fashion trends is cruder, because it implies a sexual act.

The comment similar to “Chupagetti” was taken over by TikTok.

The main difference is that the TikToker, @acrello gained direct attention from the comment itself because his username was in it.

That pattern lasted several weeks, before it ended.

Chupagetti says.

Chupagetti TikTok
  • This is the recipe for making Chupagetti.
  • It is important to warn fatherless children and social outcasts about crop and chupagetti and story time. This is a recipe for brownies, to communicate with each other.
  • Here is how you make cobblestone limestone sand.


“Recipe” comments have been around TikTok for a while now, but they haven’t been as popular until today.

An unspecified amount of time ago, the brownie recipe comment, began trending on Tktok.

This is only a recipe for a brownie.

This is the recipe for brownies.

1/2 cup butter
2 eggs
1 cup sugar
1/3 cup cocoa powder
2 teaspoon vanilla extract
1/2 cup flour

The comment is just another annoying copypasta (a popular block of text that has been copied and pasted).

Twitch, which is a live streaming service, is also known for these types of copies.

This recipe is very good and I do not believe those who comment on this site have too much time on their hands.

Sometimes people want to join the crowd.

Therefore, regardless of your preference for spammy or repetitive comments, it appears that Tiktok is entering an uncertain future.

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