You’re anticipating a shipment from SF Express and also have gotten a “Collect by Agent” monitoring upgrade.

What does this mean precisely? That is the representative when you see this sharp and also what takes place currently?

Let’s have a look …

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Summary: Gather by Representative– SF Express

The “Gather by Representative” standing alert from SF Express indicates that the bundle has actually been turned over to the neighborhood distribution solution in the location nation. In the U.S.A. this would certainly be USPS or UPS for instance. This is the solution that will certainly finish the distribution to the recipient’s address.

SF Express: Gather by Representative– Guide

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This upgrade is an excellent one to obtain, it indicates that your bundle has gotten rid of customizeds clearance in the location nation and also is currently in the hands of the solution that will finish the last distribution.

It really complies with on from the “The Shipment is Being Forwarded, Please Wait Patiently” upgrade that we lately covered.

Simply put, you no more need to “wait patiently”

The “Representative” or solution will vary relying on the nation the distribution is happening.

In the U.S.A. the solution used for last-mile delivery could be USPS, UPS, or perhaps Fedex.

Nonetheless, generally it is really the post office inside the location nation that will look after SF Express deliveries.

How much time Till Distribution After the “Gather by Representative” alert?

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The excellent information is that the product will certainly be close to distribution when you obtain this upgrade.

As stated, customizeds clearance has actually been efficiently finished, and also the await the product to leave the import center mores than.

The neighborhood provider solution currently has the bundle.

The next step will be transit to a facility closer to the location address.

From below the parcel will certainly be arranged and also sent off for last distribution.

Your bundle must be with you within 5 days of the upgrade.

The Monitoring is Stuck on “Gather by Representative”

Collect by Agent

If you locate that your monitoring is stuck on this upgrade and also no distribution occurs within 5 to 7 days of getting it, you will certainly intend to call the neighborhood provider solution to see what the hold-up is.

While the range in between the factor the bundle was accumulated by the representative and also the recipient’s address is a variable that can influence distribution times, (i.e whether it requires to go through several centers prior to distribution occurs), anything greater than a week is extreme at this moment.

The chance is that the bundle has actually been misplaced within the arranging center, or perhaps wound up on the incorrect vehicle and also has actually gotten to the incorrect warehouse.

If it is a logistical problem for the neighborhood provider, speaking to the customer care of that provider is the action you must take.

However I Do Not Know Which Provider is accountable for Distribution!


If your SF Express does not provide any tracking information on the representative accountable of distribution, you can just put the monitoring information that you have right into a global monitoring application.

Free solutions such as 17Track and also Parcelsapp will certainly check thousands of provider data sources, (consisting of those of the post offices in numerous nations) to see if any kind of information can be located.

When you recognize which solution has your product, you can inquire as necessary.

Last Words

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The monitoring being stuck is a worst-case situation, nonetheless.

In the majority of scenarios, when you obtain the “Gather by Representative” upgrade your bundle is simply a couple of days away.

Considering it has actually come right from China, your getting this alert does imply it is near you.

I wish it simply matches the vendor’s summary

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