When it comes to TikTok interactions, few are more feared than the dreaded ratio. What users do to be rated is arguably the gravest faux pas of all. It is a sign that you and your content are considered more controversial (or worse, unlikable) than other users.

You may be new to Tiktok, and you may not even remember a similar thing happening on popular sites, such as twitter and instagram. You may not understand what a ratio is and why it is so bad. You can read about the tiktok ratio, and why it is every creator’s worst nightmare.

It is the most hated ratio.

On tiktok, when people leave a reply to a comment that has been liked more than the original commenter’s post, which is usually the original uploader of the video. The quintessential example comes from TikTok creator @acrello’s 1.5 million-watched video, where he reveals that he successfully ratioed TikTok on one of its own videos by over 2000 likes.

They rationed them within seconds. It is getting worse. He said.


I love reading tweets that are original and use quotes in support of negative replies. On TikTok, the ratios are more focused on comparing comments that people like against one another. This means that tiktok ratios tend to be more playful and less intense, because a ratio does not always correlate with the target going viral. A user can set a target ratio against another creator by commenting on ratio in the replies.

Popular creators can be very easy targets for ratios, and in some of the best ratio videos out there, there are videos that show unsuspecting influencers and companies being hit.




Some Taktok users go out of their way to get goods from other creators. TikTok creator @slushypriv, the self-proclaimed “queen of ratio,” is notorious for popping into popular creators’ comments section and ratioing them in their replies, such as her iconic video where slushy outmatched influencer Bella Poarch.



She has also played the Taktok many times.