what is an example of content marketing

What is an example of content marketing? Think of an example of a website that is full of content that demonstrates the importance of the brand. Consider Burberry, Etsy, Guinness Book of World Records, or Dollar Shave Club. These companies are all generating a ton of traffic through content marketing. These companies have all taken the time to learn about their customers, and are promoting their products and services to gain the most support.


If you’re a luxury brand, you’ve probably seen the Burberry content marketing campaign. This brand uses highly interactive content in its social media presence. Instead of posting generic ads that are not relevant to your audience, Burberry uses an app that lets people scroll through images and share them on social media. The app also lets users create a virtual character and choose outfits to wear. The users must explore the content in order to unlock the cloth selection. As a result, Burberry’s content marketing campaign has a disproportionately large number of followers than any other luxury brand.

Although the content marketing world is saturated with content marketing, Burberry’s strategy is worth noting. The brand’s storied reputation and its content-rich marketing strategy show that it’s possible to achieve content marketing success – even if you’re not a high-end brand. It’s not only about creating innovative content, but identifying your audience and attracting them with it. While it may be difficult for smaller companies to replicate such results, leveraging customer-centricity is the key to success.

Another successful campaign from Burberry was the Art of the Trench campaign, which engaged aspirational and existing customers. The campaign’s Facebook page grew to over one million fans, the highest number in the luxury sector. The website received 7.5 million views in its first year, and conversion rates were higher than in other marketing channels. The campaign’s user-generated content efforts helped Burberry achieve its goal of being a tech-savvy luxury brand.

Dollar Shave Club

A startup company that’s dominated the men’s grooming space is a perfect case study for content marketing. In less than a year, Dollar Shave Club has become an Internet sensation. Its viral marketing video, which was released to the general public, garnered over 23 million views within an hour of its release. The video’s sarcastic and humorous tone earned the company recognition as a leader in content marketing.

The success of Dollar Shave Club lies in its careful attention to the type of content consumers enjoy. The company uses videos and storytelling to connect with their audience, while remaining focused on its value proposition. The company also heavily uses social media to promote its content and encourage members to share their experiences. The Dollar Shave Club is a great example of content marketing because of its broader strategy. Although this company is focused on shaving, its content is relatable, lighthearted, and funny.

In addition to content marketing, Dollar Shave Club has made a name for itself through witty advertising. Its first viral video featured CEO Michael Dubin and has received over 22 million views. Since its launch in 2010, Dollar Shave Club has grown to a team of 45 employees and 1.1 million subscribers. Recently, Unilever acquired Dollar Shave Club for $1 billion. The brand’s executives have come from creative backgrounds. Founders Adam Brownstein and Matt Knapp have worked for DDB and Anomaly, respectively.


Content marketing is the practice of publishing information and content for a target audience in a way that captures their attention and ultimately leads to a conversion. Large retailers with complex products should supplement their onsite search with content such as how-to guides and buying guides. Often, this content is not attention-grabbing, which makes it difficult for a brand to engage users. Unfortunately, many brands are losing millions of dollars in online sales every year as a result of ad blockers and ad blindness.

Content marketing on Etsy has many advantages. While it is important to keep in mind that content on a website has less SEO value than an article on a blog, the blog content on Etsy is packed with relevant keywords. In addition to the blog, Etsy has a forum that houses reports on outages of the site and discussions among sellers about their sales strategies. Because of this, forum posts naturally contain relevant keywords.

By leveraging Nick Offerman’s fame and reputation, Etsy creates a platform for the marketing of their products. In addition to the shop logo, Etsy also uses the verified badge to build trust among viewers. A link to Etsy products is required to be included in the bio of an Instagram account. Using a tool like “link in bio” will convert your bio link into a guide with significant material.

Guinness Book of World Records

The Guinness Book of World Records began as a branded content campaign. While its original goal was to drive Guinness sales, the campaign has become a staple in the world of beer. Not only has the brand become synonymous with excellence and fun, but it has also been credited with promoting the concept of togetherness. By offering fun and engaging content on its website, Guinness has created a lasting brand identity.

The Guinness Book of Records contains thousands of world records that provide valuable marketing lessons. Aside from allowing users to submit world records, it also creates a formal process that allows it to remain authoritative. The Guinness Book of Records was made possible because the editorial team accepted submissions from all over the world and created formal processes and procedures to review the submissions. In the process, it has become a cultural landmark and can serve as a powerful tool for brand awareness and customer relationships.

In fact, the Guinness Book of World Records is a prime example of content marketing, and the opportunities that it presents are nearly endless. A record-breaking event can be the perfect occasion to create content based on the Guinness Book of World Records. A company can also use this to promote a new product, commemorate a company anniversary, or promote a corporate event. By sharing the record, a brand can create newsworthiness and gain cut-through.

Etsy’s blog

Many Etsy sellers have found success in their content marketing efforts. The peer-to-peer e-commerce platform has 8 blogs, all of which aim to attract a global audience. The blog posts generally include engaging photos and artwork that engage readers. Similarly, the site’s social media pages are also heavily visual and feature a lot of Instagram-like content. This means that content creation for Etsy’s blog should follow a similar strategy.

Content marketing is essential for successful online businesses. Whether you are trying to drive sales or grow your community, content marketing can be the key to success. Etsy uses a combination of newsletters, videos, and blogs to build an audience and drive sales. Their newsletters feature unique products, new trends, and networking opportunities. In addition to this, they have curated items selected by prominent bloggers that draw their audience to their unique offerings.

Blogging is one of the most effective forms of content marketing. It can be a very effective means of promotion, particularly if you are an introvert. Regardless of your personality, if you provide value to your audience, they will likely want to buy your products. And by providing value to your audience, you won’t look like a sleazy salesperson. By providing value, you won’t have to ask for a sale, which is a bonus!


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