what is an example of content marketing

The definition of content marketing is the value the reader gets. It is an essential part of building a brand and promoting it, so you’ll need to offer something of value to your audience. Examples of content marketing are helpful in this regard. Here are some examples:


Burberry is one of the most successful brands in the world, and its digital marketing strategy helps them differentiate themselves from competitors. Burberry has been successful because it understands what modern customers want and where they shop. They use content marketing to connect with consumers in a more personal way, and Burberry is a prime example of this. If you’re interested in learning more about content marketing, check out Burberry’s digital marketing strategy.

One example of this type of content marketing strategy is Burberry’s lipstick line, called Burberry Kisses. Interestingly, Burberry partnered with Google to produce a lipstick experience geared towards the millennial market. By combining a fun experience and a fashion statement, Burberry has captured the attention of a younger generation. The brand has adapted the technology of smartphones to connect with its audience, and it’s proving to be a successful example of content marketing.

In order to engage younger consumers, Burberry also embraced user-generated content, called Art of the Trench. The company’s fashion-forward fans were given the creative reins in the project by the founder of The Sartorialist and other noted fashion photogs. The campaign was successful, receiving seven million views in its first six months. Despite the difficulties of creating content for online advertising, Burberry has learned how to create and distribute content for its digital strategy.

Content marketing is a highly competitive industry, but Burberry’s approach to content marketing shows that it can be successful for a brand. The iconic Burberry trench has been worn by royalty, working class people, and soldiers alike. This is why Burberry’s approach to digital marketing is so successful. It shows that brands should understand the importance of content marketing and the power of content. And in the age of the internet, content marketing is an essential strategy to make a brand relevant and successful.

A successful brand’s marketing strategy must match its target audience. The audience of Burberry should be defined according to the target market. Its customer base is composed of super-rich HNIs. This type of customer represents the Esteem stage of Maslow’s hierarchy of needs. It also encompasses high net-worth individuals, franchisees, and e-commerce websites. Its audience includes women between 20 and 55 years old. Additionally, it caters to the needs of children between the age groups of 0-36 months and fourteen years old.

Dollar Shave Club

Content marketing is a powerful tool that brands can use to communicate to consumers. Dollar Shave Club used this to its advantage by creating video content and leveraging stop motion animation to promote their brand. This helped Dollar Shave Club build an engaged community and promote their brand to consumers in a cost-effective way. The company’s video also triggered positive emotions in consumers, making the content more likely to be shared by people.

The video went viral, racking up nearly five million views in less than three months. The company’s website crashed within an hour of the video’s release. The campaign’s success helped the company establish itself as an entertaining benchmark. Though the Dollar Shave Club offers a solid product idea, the company’s videos are entertaining and effective in promoting a longer-term customer value. For a more profitable business, creating content for a loyal community is the key to building a loyal following and a long-term customer base.

The Dollar Shave Club video exemplifies the power of audience research. The ad uses language that resonates with the audience, and the ideas used make sense. Every content marketing strategy should begin with buyer research to determine what the customers want and how to get them. A funny video, for example, won’t convert into sales if the audience doesn’t feel like laughing. This strategy is crucial to the success of the Dollar Shave Club.

The Dollar Shave Club has become a viral phenomenon. A single video about the company’s products has been viewed more than 22 million times. Today, the company is headquartered in the Netherlands with 45 full-time employees and 1.1 million subscribers. It was valued at $615 million in 2015, and was recently acquired by Unilever for $1 billion. The brand’s unique value proposition and brand personality have aided its growth. While name-brand razors are expensive, Dollar Shave Club offers value without the hassle.

The Dollar Shave Club was built almost exclusively through video marketing. Within 48 hours of its first ad, 12,000 new consumers signed up for a membership. By the summer of 2013, their membership had topped 330,000. Now, it has nearly 2 million subscribers. And, the company’s video marketing strategy is proving to be an effective one. It’s hard to imagine a company without the power of content.

Grant Thornton

In their new branding strategy, Grant Thornton will focus on its role as a catalyst for client growth. The firm plans to use content marketing to position itself as a partner that will help clients succeed in the future. At its annual partner conference in Los Angeles on Tuesday, the firm unveiled its new positioning strategy. The firm has offices in more than 100 countries, making it an international force. Among other strategies, it plans to use content marketing to target specific audiences and increase traffic to its website.

While content marketing has been widely used in other industries, the company’s strategy differs from many other companies. For example, Grant Thornton is tackling its competitive disadvantage by focusing on demonstrating how it differentiates itself from its competitors. In order to do so, it is using Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales, LinkedIn Sales Navigator, and Microsoft Azure. This strategy helps Grant Thornton align macro and micro marketing initiatives to drive growth.

The company also started personalizing digest emails with relevant content, which increased click-through rates by over 20%. Furthermore, Grant Thornton continually evaluates the importance of its webcasts, analyzing the data obtained from ON24. This platform helps the company learn more about the impact of serialized content and the best time to broadcast webcasts. In the process, they are able to create better webcasts than ever before.

By creating content that provides value to users, Grant Thornton demonstrates how content can be used to improve website performance. For example, the company’s website is equipped with content-gated sections. This prevents users from visiting the website without first reading the content. In addition, the firm has implemented a Content Security Policy to strengthen site security. Among other features, the company’s website has improved its search functionality, built a new Lucence index, and implemented a Content Security Policy.

Furthermore, the firm collects racial and ethnic data. Such data is classified as special personal data under the GDPR. It is collected only with the user’s consent, in line with legal obligations, or when the User chooses to make it public. In some cases, Grant Thornton collects such data at the beginning of the commercial relationship or when the User submits personal documents. This practice is referred to as consent.


If you’re selling crafts on Etsy, you’ll need to use SEO strategies to boost your sales and customer base. Search engines love long-tail keywords, so use those to boost your Etsy SEO. For example, you might use keywords like “blueberry jam” or “vintage denim jacket” to increase your SEO rankings. Try to think like a customer and write about topics that your shoppers are likely to be interested in. For instance, if your shop sells eco-friendly products, you could write about topics like “green living.” Likewise, you might start a blog to write about your items and share tips and tricks that will help you promote your store.

Content marketing isn’t new. There are countless examples of how content marketing works. In addition to blogs and content, Etsy uses the product descriptions on its website as content marketing. It understands consumers’ need for scientific proof and offers detailed product descriptions. It advertises its products on popular articles and blogs, expanding its reach and gaining brand recognition. The strategy works because it combines the best of both worlds.

The most effective way to market on Etsy is to write detailed product descriptions. Although not considered content marketing by search engines, descriptions are an important part of marketing on Etsy. A comprehensive description will convince shoppers to buy your goods, and using formatting styles will make your descriptions more readable. In addition to the product description, Etsy allows sellers to tag their products. You can list up to thirteen tags on each item description.

Another effective strategy is to collaborate with other Etsy sellers. You can comment on their posts and compliment theirs. This will allow you to build relationships with your audience and boost your sales. When creating your ad, you should focus on identifying your audience, what you want them to do, and how much money you’d like to invest. Then, make the right selection and refine your strategy accordingly.