You’re anticipating a distribution from SF Express and also asking yourself what the SF Express Monitoring Number Layout is.

Basically, your order will certainly offer these information, nonetheless, as a referral factor, this short article will certainly check out the common monitoring number style and also what you must do if it isn’t functioning.

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Recap: SF Express Monitoring Number Format

The SF Express tracking number contains 12 figures. This will certainly be revealed on the order Waybill underneath the delivery barcode. It will certainly be published in the adhering to style: 456 231 298 192. No letters develop component of the monitoring number.

SF Express Monitoring Number Layout– Guide

It is feasible to be unclear of what your monitoring number is when you initially make an SF Express delivery order. It is not explained.

Nonetheless, on the waybill, you will certainly see a number underneath the barcode on top of the web page.

This is your monitoring number.

As you can see from the instance Waybill listed below, the style is a 12-digit number (no letters) and also is composed in teams of 3 for clearness.

Example SF Express Waybill
Instance SF Express Waybill

To utilize the SF Express tracking number you require to get in the figures on the primary web page of the SF Express website and also click “Track Now“.

Both signed up and also non-registered deliveries can be tracked utilizing this number, nonetheless, there is a restriction for info you will certainly get.

For instance, signed up parcels can be tracked right from the beginning place to the location address.

Non listed parcels send out by means of SF Express, can just be tracked while the plan is within China.

Once it leaves for abroad transportation, the monitoring number will certainly no more deal with the SF Express tracking web page.

SF Express Monitoring Number Not Working

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If from the extremely initial minute you utilize it, your SF Express tracking number isn’t functioning, there are a number of actions you must take.

  • Examine that you have actually duplicated the number from the Waybill invoice correctly
  • If reducing and also pasting from on-line order information, make sure that this has actually been done correctly
  • Double-check that you get on the right SF Express website
  • If you have actually obtained the number from the sender, verify with them that the monitoring they sent out is right.

If besides of this, the number does not function, the sender can have sent you a phony number, or there is an issue with the delivery information produced by SF Express.

In any case, you will certainly require to contact the sender and/or SF Express to recover the right information for your delivery.

SF Express Monitoring Number Quits Working Throughout Shipment

Shipment Departed from Airport of Origin Country

It is a various situation if the SF Express number was functioning throughout the delivery procedure and also has actually currently quit upgrading or functioning.

This will typically result from the reality the delivery is non listed and also the parcel has actually currently left China.

As pointed out over, SF Express’s non listed deliveries quit tracking as soon as they leave Chinese coasts.

What to do As Soon As the SF Express Monitoring Number Quits Updating

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If you locate on your own in a scenario where the monitoring number is no more upgrading, you can attempt making use of the number with a global monitoring application.

Once the plan starts abroad transportation it is handed over to a line haul operator.

If the number that you have actually is related to a brand-new monitoring number (produced by the line haul driver), a global monitoring application such as 17Track or Parcelsapp will certainly have the ability to locate this info.


In addition, maybe that the parcel has actually shown up in the location nation.

At this moment, it will be handed over to a third-party carrier or the neighborhood post office.

Once again, a universal app will certainly check the data sources of these solutions to see if the monitoring number is functioning somewhere else.

When a suit is discovered, a lot more current updates will certainly be readily available to you.

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