It’s really frustrating when you shed the Whoop band, as it detaches you from tracking your health and fitness regimen. So what can you do if you shed the whoop band?

Unfortunately, the Whoop band does not have an integrated GPS, so it’s hard to find it as soon as you have actually shed it.

Even though Whoop makes use of the phone’s general practitioner to track range and also rate etc. yet it’s not feasible to find it utilizing the phone’s general practitioner.

But you do not require to bother with that; in today’s overview, we will certainly aid you to locate the shed whoop band. As well as additionally talk about the Whoop substitute requirements.

Exactly how To Try to find a Lost Whoop Band?

How To Look For a Lost Whoop Strap

Whoop is an affordable health and fitness device, yet unfortunately it does not have general practitioners; that’s why it’s tiresome to look for it when it obtains shed.

But if the Whoop band is linked to your mobile phone, you can quickly locate it around.

How To Inspect If The Whoop Is Linked With a Smartphone

Grab your mobile phone and also open up the BlueTooth.

If you see the whoop name under the Bluetooth symbol, it indicates it’s linked to your mobile phone.

So initially begin with your bed room; search it under the bed, cushion, tables, cabinets, and also chairs. Ideally, you will certainly figure out the Whoop band in your bed room.

But if you really did not locate it in your bed room, have a look at the shower room; possibly you remove the Whoop band while showering or cleaning your hands.

If you really did not locate the Whoop band in your shower room, examine it on your cars and truck’s seat or the control panel. Often you could neglect the Whoop band right into the fitness center or fitness center bag.

The utility room has a host of shed products, so do not neglect to look the Whoop band and also examine the clothes hamper and also packages of your trousers.

If the Whoop is linked to your mobile phone, it needs to be within a span of 100 meters. Ask your pattern to look for it. Ideally, you will certainly locate it.


How To Locate Lost Whoop Band If It’s Not Gotten in touch with Mobile phone?

find lost whoop strap

The issue comes when the Whoop band does not link to the mobile phone, which indicates somebody has actually swiped it, or you could neglect it in a far-off area.

There is no genuine means to look for a Whoop band in this situation. Nonetheless, you can utilize your mobile phone to map the last placement of Whoop.

Open the Whoop application and also examine where the last time you have actually ended up the task. Whoop makes use of a phone’s general practitioner to track the courses, range, and also rate. Capitalizing on that attribute, you can find the Whoop.

ways to find last whoop strap

Can I Declare The Whoop Substitute Service Warranty?

You can get a brand-new one if your desire for obtaining a whoop band is unsatisfied.

Most individuals ask if Whoop supplies a substitute service warranty on shed bands. No, you can not declare the service warranty if your band obtains shed.

Whoop just offer a service warranty on the malfunctioning band or if the Whoop band malfunctioning. You can examine the Whoop service warranty plans here.

So what should you do following if Whoop does not use the substitute service warranty for the shed tracker? Currently the only alternative is to get a brand-new Whoop band.

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Does Whoop Provide a New Band If I Shed One?

Yes, Whoop supplies a non-warranty substitute to its consumers. So if you have actually shed the Whoop band or somebody has actually swiped it, you can go with a brand-new one.

Luckily, the previous Whoop band information is never ever shed, and also you can proceed mapping your health and fitness trip where you ended.

However you should pay $120 to obtain a brand-new Whoop band. Likewise, guarantee you have no unsettled membership charges and also a legitimate repayment entrance connected to the Whoop account.

If you satisfy the Whoop demands, they will certainly send you a brand-new band within 3 to 4 days.

Can Another Person Utilize My Shed Whoop Band?

Whoop takes your personal privacy seriously. Unlike various other brand names like Galaxy, Fitbit, Amazfit, or Garmin, no person can utilize your shed Whoop band till it’s linked to your Whoop account.

But as soon as you have actually gotten rid of the Whoop band from your account or unlinked it, anybody can link it with their Whoop account and also begin tracking their wellness.

So whenever you shed the Whoop band, do not unlink it with your Whoop account promptly.

What Takes Place If You Shed Whoop Band?

You do not require to stress if your Whoop band obtains shed. Whoop does not allow anybody utilize your band till it’s linked to your Whoop account.

You need to pay $120 to get a brand-new Whoop band, and also you can link the brand-new Whoop to your old account and also proceed tracking your tasks.

Most individuals ask to terminate the Whoop membership, yet it’s not suggested. If you terminate the Whoop membership, your shed Whoop band will certainly separate from the account, and also somebody else can utilize your Whoop band.

How To Avoid Whoop Band From Obtaining Shed Or Harmed?

There are 2 opportunities for shedding a Whoop band. Initially, it obtained harmed, and also 2nd, you neglected it someplace.

Like various other health and fitness trackers, Whoop band is additionally susceptible to damages, so caring for it is your duty. Whoop band is not a resilient or sturdy health and fitness device; it will certainly obtain harmed if you’re utilizing it ruthlessly.

The Whoop band is 10-meter water immune, implying you can utilize it while showering or swimming. However it’s not suggested to do scuba diving and also deep diving. In a similar way, prevent utilizing a Whoop band to use in a jacuzzi.

Do not link the Whoop band as well freely on your wrist, as it is most likely to diminish. You can additionally use Whoop on your bicep arm; by doing this, it will certainly stay safe throughout your exercises.

Final Words:

Being a human, it prevails to shed a Whoop band, yet it does not suggest that you have Memory loss or any kind of amnesia problem.

If you have actually shed the Whoop band, look for it in your bed room. If the Whoop band is linked to your mobile phone, it is around you.

You can additionally declare the non-warranty substitute of the Whoop band if it’s swiped or obtains shed. The brand-new Whoop substitute will certainly set you back $120, and also you can obtain a brand-new device within 3 to 4 days.

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