What is the distinction in between intel 670p as well as wd blue SN550? Well, the major distinction is the creating rate, where intel 670p has an arbitrary period of 330,000 IOPS 8 GB as well as a consecutive rate of 2500 MB/s. On the other hand, the SN550 has an arbitrary period of 405,000 IOPS 4 KB Data as well as a consecutive rate of 1950 MB/s.

Yet is that all for the distinction in between intel 670p vs SN550? The solution is no; a lot more distinctions in between them require to be talked about thoroughly.

So, if you remain in a predicament regarding which one to pick, we’re below to help you in making the most effective choice for your needs.

Intel 670p Vs SN550: What Are The Distinctions?

FactorsIntel 670pSN550
Writing speedSequential Rate: 2500 MB/s Random Rate: 330,000 IOPS 8 GB SPANSequential Sped Up: 1950 MB/s
Reading SpeedRandom: 220,000 IOPS 8 GB Period Sequential: 3500 MB/sRandom: 410,000 IOPS 4 KB Data Sequential: 2400 MB/s
Memory typeQLC- Quad Degree Cell3D NAND
Operating temperature0– 70 levels Celsius0 to 70 levels Celsius
Price$ 85-$ 90$ 90-$ 95

Memory Kind & & Type Factor

The SSD 670p from Intel includes an upgraded PCIe 3.0 x4 controller in addition to the business’s brand-new 144-Layer QLC flash, supplying effective memory in a slim M. 2 2280 bundle.

Otherwise, the sn55o, on the various other hand, is created with a blue PCB, as well as the kind element is solitary M. 2 2280 in addition to a 3D NAND memory kind. Thus regardless of exactly how little your gadget is, the sn550 can be quickly set up there.


Before we get involved in the distinctions in efficiency in between the Intel 670p as well as the SN550, we require to speak about analysis as well as creating rates.

The 670p has an arbitrary creating rate of 330,000 IOPS 8 GB period with a consecutive rate of 2500 MB/s. On the other hand, the SN550 has an arbitrary creating rate of 405,000 IOPS 4 KB Data with a consecutive rate of 1950 MB/s.

Once Again, the SSD 670p can accomplish consecutive read/write throughput of approximately 3.5/ 2.7 GBps. And also an arbitrary read/write IOPS of approximately 20,000/ 54,000 at a line up deepness (QD) of 1, is a crucial criterion for measuring snappiness throughout non-demanding procedures. At a line up deepness of 256, peak efficiency can come close to 310,000/ 340,000 arbitrary read/write IOPS.

And also the Western Digital Blue SN550 includes consecutive read prices of approximately 2,400 MBps as well as compose rates of approximately 1,750 MBps, according to WD.

Heaven SN550’s NVMe 1.4-compliant controller connects with the host with a PCIe 3.0 x4 web link, an action up from the coming before SN500’s x2 web link, which enhances efficiency rather.

Safety & & Security Features

Intel 670p has a 256-Bit AES Equipment File encryption system that secures your information from any type of feasible information violation. Nevertheless, there is no information readily available for safety or security attributes for the SN550.

So, it can be presumed that the 670p has much better security for maintaining information safeguarded.


While Intel has actually raised the endurance score of the SSD 670p over its precursors, with endurance raising from 100-150TBW per 512GB to 185TBW, the drive still can not conquer the endurance charge related to QLC blink.

Nevertheless, many individuals will certainly compose 60-160TB of information in 5 years. Hence the 670p ought to offer sufficient resilience for the ordinary customer.

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With a multi-gear ECC system as well as countless various other traditional flash monitoring techniques to boost the NAND flash’s resilience, the SSD is ranked to endure approximately 600TB of creating at the optimum ability, thinking the drive is still covered by its five-year assurance.

So, according to us, when it involves long life, SN550 has an extra considerable side over the Intel 670p.

Finest Use

Both SN550 as well as intel 670p are SSDs as well as have actually virtually obtained the exact same use. SSDs are a have to currently for programmers as well as developers. There is very little to separate in between both of these SSDs when it involves usages.

Cost Difference

When it involves cost, the SN550 is much more pricey than the intel 670p, where the SN550 happens $90-$ 95, as well as the SSD 670p has a rate of roughly $85-$ 90.

Regularly Asked Inquiries (Frequently Asked Questions)

Is WD Blue SN550 great for video gaming?

Because of its efficiency, low cost, as well as quickly creating as well as checking out rates, the WD Blue SN550 is a best selection for a large range of applications, consisting of video clip editing and enhancing as well as video gaming.

Is WD Blue SN550 great for boot drive?

Ultimately, the WD Blue SN550 is moderately valued as well as carries out very well. If you desire a rapid boot drive, particularly on a current motherboard with integrated M., This gadget is a wonderful selection since it has 2 NVME ports.

Are Intel m 2 drives great?

Indeed. With better outcome as well as equipment file encryption attributes, Intel’s SSD 670p integrates both rate as well as safety. While Intel’s SSD 670p uses QLC flash, it has been fine-tuned as well as enhanced where it counts, causing an exceptional consumer-oriented PCIe 3.0 NVMe SSD.

Does 670p have DRAM?

Yes, the 670p is readily available in 3 abilities: 512GB, 1TB, as well as 2TB. The controller is a Silicon Activity SM265G, as well as the main cache is DRAM.

Are Intel SSDs quickly?

Intel SSDs are actually quickly, as well as the fastest SSD from Intel is the Optane SSD DC P5800X. With a consecutive rate of approximately 7.2 Gbps as well as arbitrary rate exceeding 1.5 million IOPS, the Optane easily surpasses all completing memory gadgets readily available presently.


It is difficult to locate a precise victor in the supreme fight of Intel 670p vs SN550. Both of this SSD offer outstanding efficiency as well as outstanding rate. No matter, all of it depends upon your preference as well as your usages, which is the most effective gadget for you.

Yet, in our point of view, if you desire an extra guaranteed gadget, after that the Intel 670p is for you. Nevertheless, if you desire an SSD that will certainly compete a long period of time, after that go with SN550.

Prior to making your last selection, reread this post, as we have actually talked about all the essential distinctions in between these SSDs to make sure that your decision-making ends up being less complicated.

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