Have you been asking on your own why does CapCut application spoil the top quality of your initial video footage after modifying and also exporting it making use of the computer or mobile application?

If Capcut is destroying the top quality of your video clips, you might have selected a lower-resolution setup while posting or exporting them. To improve CapCut video clip top quality, open up the application on your smart phone or computer system, and also pick “1080p” resolution.

Below, I’ll check out why does CapCut spoil the top quality of your video clips and also what you can do to settle this concern rapidly.

Why Does CapCut Damage Video Clip High Quality?

Why does CapCut ruin video Quality?

Many individuals have actually articulated problems concerning CapCut destroying the video clip top quality throughout the uploading or exporting procedure. If you’re encountering a comparable concern, maybe credited to the complying with factors.

Reduced Resolution

Capcut might be destroying video clip top quality since you pick reduced resolution setups while exporting the modified video footage, making the video clip show up much less sharp and also pixelated.

Slow Framework Rate

By default, CapCut uses a frame rate of 30 fps. Because of this setup, less pictures are presented per 2nd, possibly reducing video clip top quality.

Smart HDR is Transformed On

The CapCut Smart HDR choice immediately changes the highlights, darkness, shade, and also direct exposure degrees of your clips, which can occasionally misshape the shades of your video clip, leading to low quality.

Incorrect Facet Ratio

The aspect ratio figures out the aesthetic structure of a video clip. If you ignore this proportion, the video clip can show up extended or pressed, leading to pixelation.

Outdated Application Version

Running an obsoleted variation of CapCut can likewise affect the top quality of your video clips. An older application variation might not have the most up to date insect repairs and also enhancements essential for optimum video clip outcome.

How do I make CapCut not shed video clip top quality?

How do I make CapCut not lose video quality?

If the CapCut application is destroying your video clip top quality, right here are 6 services you can attempt to resolve the concern and also produce top notch web content.

Modification the Facet Ratio

While straight exporting the video clip to TikTok, you can transform its facet proportion in CapCut to boost top quality. Below’s exactly how:

iphone/ Android:

  • LaunchCapCut.
  • Tap ” New Job.”
  • Select a video clip.
  • Tap ” Include.”
  • Tap ” Proportion.”
  • Choose ” 9:16.”


  • Open ” CapCut.”
  • Click ” New Job.”
  • Select ” Import.”
  • Choose the video clip you intend to modify, hold it, and also drag it to the edit bar.
  • Click the ” Initial” symbol on the lower-right edge of the gamer sneak peek and also pick ” 9:16.”

Once you transform the facet proportion, export the video clip to TikTok and also see if this enhances the top quality.

Change the Resolution Price

When exporting a video from CapCut, you can establish its resolution to 1080p or 2k/4k to stop the application from destroying its top quality. To do this:

iphone/ Android:

  • Open ” CapCut.”
  • Tap ” New Job.”
Adjusting resolution on CapCut
  • Choose a clip.
  • Faucet the “1080p” icon in the upper-right edge.
  • Drag the slider to ” 1080 or 2k/4k.”
  • Now, click ” Export.”


  • Open ” CapCut.”
  • Click ” New Job.”
  • Select ” Import.”
  • Choose the video clip you intend to modify, hold it, and also drag it to the edit bar.
  • Click ” Export.”
  • Click “1080p.”
  • Choose ” 1080 or 2k/4k.”

Increase the Framework Rate

Increasing the framework price in CapCut can substantially boost the top quality of your video clip by having fun with the framework price to decrease movement blur. For this:

iphone/ Android:

  • Open CapCut.
  • Tap “New Job.”
  • Choose an element you want to import to CapCut.
  • Tap ” 1080p.”
  • Drag the slider listed below ” Framework Price” to “60fps.”
  • Export the video clip.


  • Open CapCut.
  • Click ” New Job.”
  • Select ” Import.”
  • Choose the video clip you intend to modify, hold it, and also drag it to the edit bar.
  • Go to “Food selection” and also pick ” Setups.”
  • Click ” Modify,” established the ” Framework Price” to “60fps,” and save or export the video clip.

Turn Off Smart HDR

If the Smart HDR choice is switched on in your CapCut application, it can spoil the video clip top quality. Nonetheless, you can rapidly shut off this function and also obtain a better-quality video clip by complying with these actions:

  • Introduce ” CapCut.”
  • Tap ” New Job.”
  • Choose a clip from the gallery and also tap “Include.”
  • Tap the “1080p” icon in the upper-right edge.
  • Toggle off ” Smart HDR.”
Turning off Smart HDR on Capcut

When you disable Smart HDR in CapCut, the application will certainly no more immediately change and also misshape your clips’ highlights, darkness, and also direct exposure degrees, protecting the initial high video clip top quality.

KEEP IN MIND: Only the mobile variation of CapCut sustains the Smart HDR function.

Update CapCut App

Another means to boost video clip top quality is by upgrading CapCut can boost its efficiency, assisting you produce higher-quality video clips. Below’s exactly how:


  • Introduce “Play Shop or Application Shop.”
  • Search for “CapCut.”
  • Tap ” Update.”


  • Open “CapCut.”
  • Go to ” Food selection.”
  • Click ” Extra.”
  • Select your present variation.
  • Inspect the “Beta examination variation” box on the popup and also click ” Look for updates.”
  • Click ” Set Up Currently.”
Updating CapCut

INFO: Updating the application can likewise aid you fix the CapCut lagging issue. 

Adjust Video clip Parameters

Adjusting the criteria of a video clip in CapCut can likewise aid you take care of the video clip top quality degeneration issue. Below’s exactly how:


  • Open ” CapCut”
  • Tap ” New Job.”
  • Select a clip.
  • Scroll exactly on the devices near the bottom and also choose “Change.”
  • Tap ” Saturation”; drag it to ” 20.”
  • Choose “Develop”; drag it to ” 100.”
  • Tap ” Comparison”; drag it to ” 20.”
  • Select the tick icon in the lower-left edge to use all the adjustments.

Computer system:

  • Open ” CapCut.”
  • Click ” New Job.”
  • Select ” Import.”
  • Choose the video clip you intend to modify, hold it, and also drag it to the edit bar.
  • Select ” Changes” from the devices readily available on the left side of the gamer sneak peek.
  • Pick the exact same worths for the ” Saturation,” ” Develop,” and also ” Comparison” criteria as stated in the mobile application technique over.
  • Click the tick button to use all the adjustments.

Once you have actually changed these criteria, export the video clip, and also ideally, CapCut will not spoil its top quality currently.


In this in-depth overview, we have actually talked about why does CapCut spoil top quality while you are exporting a video clip and also shared a couple of actions to settle this concern rapidly.

Hopefully, with these repairs, you can produce sensational video clips on CapCut without jeopardizing the result and also take your modifying abilities to an expert degree.

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