If you regularly modify video clips or develop tasks on CapCut, you may need to know why it in some cases states “Not enough Storage space.”

If CapCut states “Not enough Storage space” while modifying a task, your gadget may be running reduced on storage space, or you have actually conserved way too many draft data on the application. To settle this mistake message, remove all unneeded data as well as applications from your gadget or remove the composed tasks on the CapCut mobile or desktop computer application.

In this post, we’ll discover why CapCut states “Not enough Storage space” when modifying a task as well as just how you can repair this trouble asap.

Why does CapCut claim I do not have sufficient storage space?

Why does CapCut say I don't have enough storage?

Many individuals question why the CapCut application on their gadget states “Not enough Storage space” when they attempt to modify a brand-new job. If you deal with the very same concern, this can be because of among the adhering to factors gone over listed below carefully.

Reduced Storage space Area On the Device

Video modifying applications like CapCut need substantial room on the gadget to save short-term data, job information, as well as conserve last modified video clips.

While attempting to modify an especially huge video clip data or have numerous high-resolution clips in your job, it may surpass the readily available storage room on your gadget.

Consequently, if your gadget storage space is complete, the application will certainly not have sufficient space to execute these jobs as well as toss the “Not enough Area” mistake message.

NOTE: Occasionally, exporting a video clip in top quality styles, such as 4K or 8K, additionally activates the “Not enough Storage space” mistake.

Excessive Cache Data

CapCut caches your information as well as various other short-term data on your gadget to boost its efficiency as well as tons times.

However, this information builds up in time as well as commonly ends up being corrupt, setting off the “Not enough Storage space” caution as well as avoiding you from settling your video clip modifying.

A lot of Prepared Documents

The CapCut application permits you to conserve your video clips as draft declare later modifying. However, if you save way too many tasks, it eats the storage room on your gadget as well as brings about the very same mistake message.

How do I liberate room on my CapCut?

How do I free up space on my CapCut?

To liberate some room as well as fix the “Not enough Storage space” mistake on CapCut, attempt these 5 easy-to-follow options.

Delete Unneeded Documents as well as App

The initial service to repair the storage space mistake message is to remove all the unneeded data from your gadget to liberate some room. You can additionally move your information to an outside or cloud storage space like Google Drive, OneDrive, iCloud, or Dropbox.

If this does not liberate sufficient room, uninstall all the unneeded applications on your gadget with these actions:


  • Open ” Setups.”
  • Tap ” Applications.”
  • Select ” All Applications.”
  • Choose the application you wish to eliminate.
  • Select “Uninstall.”
  • Choose ” OK.”


  • Open ” Setups.”
  • Go to “General.”
  • Tap “apple iphone/ iPad Storage space.”
  • Select the application you wish to uninstall.
  • Faucet ” Remove Application.”
  • Select ” Remove Application.”


  • Open ” Setups.”
  • Click ” Applications.”
  • Go to ” Applications & & Qualities.”
  • Select the application.
  • Click ” Uninstall” > > “Uninstall.”
  • Choose “Yes.”

After uninstalling the applications, open CapCut as well as see if you are still obtaining the reduced storage space or transcoding failed alerting message.

Remove Drafted Documents on CapCut

Since the composed data occupy excessive room on your gadget, experience your checklist in CapCut as well as remove any kind of tasks that you no more demand or strategy to modify. Right here’s just how:

CapCut Mobile Application:

  • Open “CapCut.
  • Tap the 3 dots beside the composed job you wish to remove.
  • Faucet ” Remove.”
  • Select ” Remove” again.

CapCut Desktop Computer Application:

  • Open Up “CapCut.”
  • Right-click the job.
  • Click ” Remove.”
  • Select “OK.”
Deleting project on CapCut

Once you remove the composed tasks, begin modifying your video clip data as well as inspect if the trouble lingers.

Usage Smaller sized Video clip File

Another reliable method to stop the “Not enough Storage space” mistake on CapCut is to deal with smaller sized video clip data. For this:

  • Reduced the resolution of the video clip data prior to importing it.
  • Usage video clip compression devices or software program to decrease the data dimension of your video.
  • Remove unneeded clips to make the video footage extra workable for the CapCut application.

Reduce Video clip Resolution

If you are obtaining the mistake message while exporting the video clip data on the CapCut application, attempt decreasing its resolution as well as various other top quality setups with these actions:

CapCut Mobile Application:

  • Open CapCut.
  • Select your job.
  • Edit the data as you desire.
  • Touch the ” 1080″ choice.
  • Drag the slider to decrease resolution to 480P or 720P.
  • You can additionally attempt decreasing the Little bit Price and Frame Price.
Reducing video resolution on CapCut

CapCut Desktop Computer Application:

  • Open ” CapCut.”
  • Select your job.
  • Click “Export.”
  • Select ” 64 * 64 (480P)” or “1280 * 1280 (720P)” from the drop-down food selection beside Resolution.
  • Establish the Bit Price, Codec, as well as Frame Price.

Currently, click the ” Export” choice to conserve your video clip as well as see if you still obtain the “Not enough Storage space” mistake message.

Clear CapCut Cache

The following service is removing the CapCut cache information on your gadget to eliminate all the scrap submits that are setting off the mistake message or ruining the quality of your project. Right here’s just how:

CapCut Mobile Application:

  • Open ” CapCut.”
  • Tap “Setups.”
  • Tap “Clear Cache.”
  • Select ” OK.”


  • Open ” Setups.”
  • Tap ” Applications.”
  • Select ” All Applications.”
  • Tap ” CapCut.”
  • Choose ” Storage space.”
  • Tap ” Clear Cache.”
  • Tap “Clear Information.”


  • Open ” Setups.”
  • Tap ” General.”
  • Tap ” apple iphone/ iPad Storage space.”
  • Choose “CapCut.”
  • Select ” Offload Application.”
  • Tap ” Ofload Application” again.

CapCut Desktop Computer Application:

  • Introduce ” CapCut.”
  • Go to “Setups.”
  • Click ” Task.”
  • Scroll to ” Cache Dimension.”
  • Click the “Remove” icon.
  • Click “OK.”

Afterward, open CapCut, attempt modifying a task, as well as confirm that you can conserve your edits on your gadget.

If removing the cache information does not assist, upgrade CapCut to the current variation or re-install it on your gadget to fix any kind of disputes or problems setting off the mistake message.

Final thought

So why does CapCut claim “Not enough Storage space”? In this comprehensive overview, we have actually discovered 3 factors for this concern as well as supplied a couple of options to fix it without much initiative.

Hopefully, you can currently take pleasure in continuous video clip modifying sessions on CapCut, concentrating on your innovative procedure as opposed to storage space restrictions. If the trouble still troubles you, attempt utilizing CapCut Online Video Editor to develop your tasks from the ground up.

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