Let me take a hunch.

You’ve obtained chickens, and also although a lot of them are laying eggs, there appears to be one that simply isn’t.

Buzzing any type of bells?

Before leaping to any type of final thoughts, below’s what you should be looking for initially, if it’s feasible for a chicken to NEVER lay an egg, and also what you can do to assist.

Chicken Never Laid An Egg? Points To Examine First

Don’ t fret.

Prior to ending that your chicken may never ever in fact lay an egg, there are a couple of fundamental points you should think about initial:

  1. Is your “chicken” certainly a “she”?
  2. Is it feasible your chicken is still as well young?
  3. Are your chicken’s fundamental demands being satisfied?
  4. Are you chicken’s stocking the best area?

These appear basic, however commonly the most basic description is one of the most likely!

Is It Certainly A “She”?

Just since you acquire your chicks as “pullets”, does not ensure they are pullets. Due to the fact that the airing vent procedure for sexing chicks isn’t 100% trusted (based on human mistake!), there’s constantly an opportunity that the “chickens” you’re obtaining, aren’t in fact chickens.

We have a number of overviews on just how to discriminate in between chickens and also roos at different ages, with one of the most typical particular distinctions throughout all types being:

  • Dimension of comb & & wattles.
  • Hackle plumes, or various tuft colors/patterns.
  • General dimension and also stance.
  • Behavioral differences

If you’re persuaded among your chickens isn’t laying, make sure to take a better take a look at them simply in situation they are in fact a fowl!

The Age Of Your Chicken (Late Bloomers Exist!)

Although most types of chickens will begin laying from in between 5– 7 months old, much can boil down to the specific hen.

Some chickens begin laying earlier, some chickens take months much longer.

If your chicken is still under year old, there’s a likelihood they are simply taking a bit longer to reach their factor of ordinary.

Patience is a merit, besides.

Fundamental Problems Being Met?

Generally talking, the more youthful the hen, the much more at risk and also delicate they are to exterior problems such as diet plan, real estate, environment, and also anxiety.

With this in mind, it is very important to do a fast feeling check to ensure:

  1. Your chickens are obtaining enough protein for their age ( along with all the various other needed nutrients).
  2. They have an adequately sized coop, with enough nesting boxes for your group dimension.
  3. If you’re encountering rather cool or cozy weather condition, make sure to make any type of changes so your hens stay comfortable
  4. Be certain your chickens are as without anxiety as feasible (from killers, brand-new atmospheres, brand-new flock-mates, and so on)

Laying In The Right Place?

Although the nesting box is intended to be a dreamland for hens to lay their eggs (personal, tidy, cozy, and so on), not all chickens obtain the memorandum!

One of my Silkies initially began laying their eggs in a little, vacant fire pit, and also it took us a couple of weeks to discover the stock!

It’s regular. If chickens do not make a link with the nesting box, they will certainly often hide their eggs elsewhere, so it deserves taking an excellent browse the lawn in situation you have actually missed out on a place!

Is It Feasible For A Chicken To Never Ever Lay An Egg?

If you have actually done a check of the essentials and also you’re still persuaded your chicken has actually never ever laid an egg, after that you’re not the only one.

As unusual as it is, it IS possible for a chicken to never ever lay an egg and also be from a physical standpoint unable of generating one.

This can be brought on by:

  1. Congenital diseases: It’s feasible for chickens to be birthed with the failure to create eggs. Several of these chickens might additionally reveal additional concerns and also however might die young because of associated inner concerns.
  2. Condition Or Ailment: Illness or persistent ailments can disrupt a chicken’s regular egg manufacturing. If your hen has been birthed with a disease or has established an illness (instances consist of Bird flu or parasitical infection) there is an opportunity they have shed the capacity to create eggs entirely.

What Can You Do?

Whether your chicken is predestined to lay or otherwise, your technique actually should not transform.

Stay with the principles of elevating hens and also they will certainly be as delighted and also as healthy and balanced as they can, for as lengthy as they can:

  1. Constantly supply hens with trendy, fresh water.
  2. Ample healthy protein in their feed (Preferably an enhanced layer feed to guarantee they are obtaining all essential nutrients and also minerals as well!)
  3. A risk-free room with a lot of accessibility to guide light (which stimulates egg development)
  4. A large adequate cage with adequate nesting boxes available
  5. And naturally, a little tender love and also treatment will not harm!

Chances are, at some point your chicken will certainly lay an egg (unless your chicken is in fact a Henry!).

Quick Summary

The brief of it is, that it is literally feasible for chickens to never ever lay an egg. However, this would certainly be because of a congenital disease, health problem, or illness.

The even more typical factors your chicken has actually never ever laid an egg are:

  • They are simply a late bloomer (approximately regarding year often)
  • They aren’t obtaining adequate protein/nutrients
  • They are in fact a fowl!
  • They are simply laying elsewhere in the yard!

Happy (and also individual) yard farming every person!

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