There are a lot of choices nowadays when it pertains to selecting the ideal feed for your chooks. I make sure we have actually all stumbled upon some kind of layer pellets.

However, whenever I have actually attempted to feed my hens these layer pellets or layer pellet and also seed blends I constantly observe they leave simply the pellets in the food container– yet all the seeds and also grains would certainly go away!

Not the reference they presume to imitate they are depriving although they have accessibility to these pellets all the time!

I wager I’m not the only one below.

Right here are all the reasons hens will not consume layer pellets, exactly how to aid change your hens to layer pellets, and also if hens just like seeds and also grains over pellets.

Why Will not My Hens Consume Layer Pellets?

You’ll locate layer pellets been available in fallen apart, mashed, or entire kind, give between 14-18% protein, and also come either combined in with various other seeds and also grains or simply on their own.

However, at the end of the day layer pellets exist to offer one function: to supply your chickens with optimal nutrition in one easy-to-consume kind.

So, it’s fairly irritating to locate that your hens just merely will not consume them, or will apparently consume every little thing else initially and also leave them as a last choice.

So what provides?

Well, as it ends up, hens usually will not consume layer pellets since:

  • They are taking in way too many various other foods
  • They are consuming way too many treats
  • They just do not like them!
  • The pellets aren’t fresh or something is incorrect with them
  • They do not see them as food

They Are Consuming Various other Foods

The easiest description is normally the ideal one.

If you’re supplying your hens various other foods like seeds, grains, fruits, and also veggies, after that it’s most likely they like these foods over simple and also dull layer pellets.

This would certainly likewise describe why they might consume SOME pellets, yet never ever complete them.

This chooses free-ranging hens also, as they have all the time to locate various other foods in your residential properties, consisting of bugs, yard, dust, fruits, and also basically anything they can obtain their beaks on!

If you desire your hens to consume even more layer pellets, after that you can just call back the various other foods that you are feeding them!

They Are Utilized To Consuming Treats

We all enjoy our deals with, consisting of hens.

However below’s the important things. If you feed your hens deals with day-to-day after that they’ll find out to anticipate this kind of tasty food. In time, this can bring about hens declining to consume less-desirable food in expectancy of these deals with.

Besides, I can think of layer pellets aren’t one of the most tasty points for a poultry. So, it’s most likely they will certainly not fill out on them and also rather wait to fill out on deals with or various other foods they are anticipating to get!

Even so, something is for certain, if they are starving sufficient they will certainly wind up consuming layer pellets!

They Do Not Like Consuming Pellets

Every hen has their very own food choices. Some enjoy specific fruits and also some will certainly prevent them totally.

So it’s just reasonable to think that some hens just do not such as consuming layer pellets.

Certainly, if they are starving sufficient most hens will certainly give up and also begin consuming them– yet some will certainly claim as lengthy as they can, providing the impact that they just will not consume them!

Something Is Incorrect With The Pellets

Like most foods, layer pellets can ruin.

This is particularly real if your chicken feed has gotten wet, or has stayed in wet problems for an extended period of time.

And also, when layer pellets splash or obtain also old they basically degenerate, shedding their taste and also certainly some nutrients also.

If your hens normally consume whatever is provided to them yet are declining to consume any type of layer pellets after that it may be that the layer pellets have ruined or are also old.

Constantly see to it you are buying or making fresh feed, keeping it in a completely dry area, and also in an impermeable container.

They Do not See Them As Food

Isn’ t it impressive that hens just have a feeling of what’s food and also what isn’t? Well … a lot of the moment anyhow.

However in all severity, it’s clear to a poultry that a brilliantly tinted, squishy fruit is food which little tinted seeds and also grains are food, but it’s not as clear that unnaturally made, brown-colored pellets are food.

As a result of this, hens originally might have a more difficult time connecting layer pellets with real food, and also will certainly for that reason be a lot less most likely to consume them and also proceed consuming them.

Exactly how To Aid Hens Consume Layer Pellets

Making the button from a seed and also grain mix to layer pellets can be consulted with resistance in the beginning.

If your chooks are made use of to consuming seeds and also grains, after that it can appear instead international to be consulted with funny-looking brownish pellets– it’s just all-natural!

But, when your hens obtain starving they will certainly wind up consuming layer pellets, and also at some point, they will certainly find out that this is their brand-new food. Still, a little bit of range will certainly go a lengthy means for their health and wellness and also their health!

To aid your hens change to layer pellets you should:

  1. At first feed them 50-50 layer pellets to seeds and also grains (or obtain a layer pellet combined feed).
  2. Feed your hens layer pellets in the very same feeder they are made use of to.
  3. Place your food out at the very same time as normal.
  4. Do not provide your hens as several deals with or various other foods while they are obtaining made use of to consuming their layer pellets.

Do Hens Favor Seed Blends Rather Than Pellets?

It’s very easy to assume that hens would certainly like consuming entire foods like seeds, grains, and also corn over simple old-layer pellets.

However, it’s just not real.

Hens will gladly eat practically anything, as long as they think it has the nutrients they require. That’s why they definitely enjoy anything protein-filled, from bugs to scrambled eggs, to meat off of bones!

So, although some hens might like seed blends over pellets, there are those hens that such as layer pellets over seeds, or at the very least like them equally as much.

However, something is for sure, which’s that hens do take pleasure in a little bit of range in their diet plans. Whether this is from having the ability to forage and also complimentary array in the yard, or whether you create a bi-weekly healthy table scrap meal.

The Base Line

Some hens are picky, some like to await deals with. Some simply do not such as the appearance, preference, or structure of layer pellets.

However, at the end of the day, if your hens are starving they will certainly consume layer pellets.

Plus, some hens will certainly find out to enjoy them. A few of my Silkies currently really like layer pellets, although I such as to change it up a little bit in my yard ranch.

If you wish to make the change to layer pellets in your group, it’s ideal to stay with their regular feeding regimen, and also slowly boost the variety of pellets you’re supplying.

Or else, you can constantly obtain a layer feed mix, including both pellets and also seeds and also grains.

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